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Inspired by the Guild of Artisans that were created all around the world, the new Holiday season gift-sets by Aesop highlights the beauty of the materials used in each Aesop store: Copper, Textile, Ceramic, Marble, Leather and Timber. Each material, reflects a different approach of the mind and body and each gift-set will gather a specific collection of products. Here is our review about the one honoring LEATHER, as The Supple Gentleman.



This gift-set plays in words with the suppleness of Leather. It highlights the versatility of leather, used not only in upholstery fabric in various Aesop spaces, but also for a curtain with theatrical dimensions in the shop on Collins Street in Melbourne. The gift-set contains a trio of essential products to the daily life of modern man.


The three products are part of Aesop best selling items and also perfect must-haves for men. This trio combined, will complete your daily ritual and keep you in good mood. The 3 products are:

  • Fabulous Face Cleanser 100ML
  • Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave Lotion 60ML
  • Coriander Seed Body Cleanser 200ML

This very elegant gift-set is made of metal and all the details provided by Aesop makes it a very elegant gift to offer to someone or even to allow yourself a nice gift
Aesop-Leather-Giftset-detail-inside Aesop-Leather-Giftset-detail

Aesop is an amazing brand, born from the aim of a man with the will of creating great grooming products with the best qualities and adapted to all men skin. You can read our brand review here.

The men cosmetic market has a huge potential and all the beauty business has been talking about it. Nevertheless, not many brands have successfully invested this segment of the beauty industry. Aesop has an unique positioning and approach. As beauty experts, they provide the best skin care possible with quality and know how.

Aesop New Store in Berm – Switzerland

Aesop is developing the brand at worldwide scale thanks to the opening of Brand stores. Each store has its own concept yet all reflect the specific universe of the brand. In Switzerland, Aesop opened a brand store in Geneva a while ago, LuxuryActivist visited the store and this month the Australian brand opens a new store  in Bern, Swiss capital (Photo above).

For more information about Aesop, to buy online or to find the closest point of sale, check the official brand website:

For this holiday season, get a great elegant treatment for the pleasure of your family, friends or even yourself.