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Aesop Holiday Season launches – treat yourself good.

Every Holiday season, Aesop delight us with the very best of its product collection. Either with new amazing launches or with great giftsets, Aesop is definitely one of the stars of the...

Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser: must have. 

Aesop is an amazing brand with best-in-class products. This month we are highlighting one of the brand's best seller: the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser. Cleaning your skin is one of the basic beauty...

Aesop Double-Edge Razor, must have for men

One very specific beauty care strictly reserved for men is Shaving. Aesop proposes a full range of products to help you shave every time you need. This year, Aesop is launching the ultimate razor for men: The Double-Edge Razor. Here are full details about it. This Double-Edge Razor is handmade by skilled English craftsmen.

Exclusive: Aesop holiday season gift sets, head in the stars

Every year, everybody expects the new Aesop giftsets. Not only they represent amazing gifts for the beloved ones but also great stories. Last year Aesop dedicated its giftsets to the Guild of Artisans and the noble materials they use. This year you will need to lift your eyes to the sky and watch the stars. Welcome to the Maps of Light gift sets.

Aesop, the Guild of Artisans, beautiful craftmanship – Video

The Guild of Artisans, pay respects to materials frequently employed in Aesop spaces: ceramic, leather, textiles, copper, timber, and marble. They also honour historic craft guilds, and those who spend a lifetime...

Aesop new Giftsets for the Holiday Season. Inspired by the Guild of Artisans.

Inspired by the Guild of Artisans that were created all around the world, the new Holiday season gift-sets by Aesop highlights the beauty of the materials used in each Aesop store: Copper,...

Aesop, beauty care experts. Top 3 products this month

Aesop is definitely the discovery of this year for LuxuryActivist. A while ago we reviewed the relaunch of Marrakech, the iconic fragrance of the Australian brand.  This month we tried 3 products...

Aesop Marrakech Intense, the icon is back.

Nothing more personal than the relationship between you and your fragrance. Certain brands understood perfectly how personal and important. It is the case of Aesop.This week, Luxuryactivist met the Aesop team for...

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