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Thierry Mugler revealed a new chapter of its feminine fragrance, Alien, this time called Eau Extraordinaire. Femininity is probably one of the most obsessional themes in art. Thierry Mugler Fragrances team presents here more than femininity, more than beauty. They reveal the inner-beauty of every woman and it is probably the most powerful thing in this universe. With the launch of Alien Eau Extraordinaire, women are once again magnified at the rank of a Goddess, this time literally and poetically dressed with light. It is beautiful, reaches your heart and your mind. Truly, women have never been so amazing.

Alien, a modern legend of Women quintessence

Since September 2005 Thierry Mugler presents Alien, its second feminine flagship fragrance for women as a true Revelation of women femininity. Their true inner-self.

Alien Thierry Mugler

Alien Mugler Flacons
While Angel shows a more “raw” feminine power, more instinctive, carnal, iconic… Alien introduced a more deep, intense and essential feminine definition. From the galactic messenger of the beginning towards the Solar Goddess as an universal message of beauty and femininity, Alien is more than a fairy tale or a Product. It is a powerful ray of light that strikes you directly in your heart.

Alien the Solar goddess
While most of Fragrance brands present very often a limited and caricatural vision of women, Thierry Mugler blows your mind with the ultimate revelation of feminine essence. It is bold, straight forward, out of conservative tracks and make you dream.
The scent itself is probably one of the most recognizable women fragrance in the past 14 years. Once you smell it, you adopt it. And it is very addictive so you might never change your fragrance anymore. When Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere created the scent of Alien, their challenge was huge. The market had big blockbusters already reshaping the femininity landscape, like Dior J’Adore or Flower by Kenzo. So the difficulty was to bring a new yet accurate vision of today’s woman that would naturally find its place in the customers hearts.
The olfactive structure is pretty much straight foward as each Mugler’s fragrance. 3 mono-blocs shape the creation. A solar Indian Jasmin (amazing quality by the way) leads a chorus of Textured modern woods and sensual Ambers. This intriguing fragrance reveals an amazing long-lasting trail like an invisible signature. By wearing this fragrance you will feel a warm-hearted sensation that will bloom your femininity. When Alien was launched in September 2005, 2 other iconic brands launched their new female fragrance: Lancôme with Hypnôse and Jean-Paul Gaultier with
Gaultier2. While these 2 fragrances had ups and downs (especially the down part) Alien by Thierry Mugler started lower but climbed year by year to establish itself among the stars.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire, light reveals how beautiful women are. And light doesn’t lie


Every new Spring the Solar Goddess of Alien reveals herself as we are leaving winter behind. This 4th chapter in the iconic path of Alien, is more solar than never. Dominique Ropion, always loyal to the Alien Saga worked this time with Véronique Nyberg. An original Neroli-Bergamot tea accord flashes the fragrance structure with an intense yet transparent ray of light. It reveals all the originality of the textured woods and a magical Heliotrope flower. So sexy that could only be a Goddess fragrance.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire flacon
The flacon also reveals itself in a different color. From intriguing dark Amethyst, this time we gain transparency and vibrancy with a light-gold color.

Alien Eau Extraordinaire flacon detail

Alien Eau Exteaordinaire packaging

To celebrate the return of the sun, Thierry Mugler team decided to review the Alien key visual. They wished to continue telling the story started a while ago with this Solar goddess awakening thanks to the sun light.

The campaign was directed by Film director and photographer Floria Sigismondi. The choice of Ms Sigismondi is a brilliant one. She is known for her amazing intense universe of creation. She worked with David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera in the past. She also directed advertising clips for Sony Playstation, Adidas, Old Navy and Mac. Lately she dedicated herself to Cinema as in 2010 she did her first long-metrage called The Runaways. Brilliant movie. Only a Director used to extremes, paradox and surrealism could translate the astonishing universe of Alien into a movie.

For such result, hours, days, month of creation was needed to reach perfection. The awakening of the Goddess to the Sun is a magnificent celebration of beauty and nature. Everything sounds so natural and yet we are in a very sophisticated atmosphere. Discover here the making of in which you can see part of the giant work to make the dream
Come true.

Here are some screenshots from the movie, our best moments!

Alien Thierry Mugler face

Alien Thierry Mugler temple

Alien Thierry Mugler Goddess

Alien Thierry Mugler Movie

Alien Thierry Mugler movie detail

Alien Thierry Mugler Logo

Alien Thierry Mugler Silhouette

Alien Thierry Mugler revelation

Please note one amazing detail: the dress. Thierry Mugler, as a fashion designer, always pushed the limits of creation by exploring new materials, shapes and design. For this new advertising the Alien Goddess dress shines like a burning sun, emanating a tender energy that surrounds you like a soft aura. To succeed this challenge, they incorporated optic fibers in the dress, so that it would literally glow from the inside.

Alien Optic fiber dress

Optic fiber in fashion

Optic fiber in a dress

Optic fiber fashion dress
In order to implement such technology in such amazing dress requested hours of work and a true vision of things. The result is really impressive and transforms this amazing model into a living goddess. Mind blowing.

Alien Thierry Mugler flacon film

Thierry Mugler Alien movie exclusive

Alien Eau Extraordinaire the movie
Do not hesitate to visit the brand official website to discover more about the unique universe of Thierry Mugler:
If this is the level of imagination Thierry Mugler fragrances is capable to deliver, please keep us dreaming like that. Congratulations to all the team, you are an example to follow.

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