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Summer holidays seem far away now, and while we are entering the inter-season, we know that it is the perfect timing to take care of your body and skin. Summer is a great time to chill out and spend time outside, but our hair, skin, and body are challenged by the sunlight, the salted water, and the wind. Here is our selection of novelties by Sisley Paris that should help you take good care of yourself. Now it is time for some “do-me-good experiences”.

Your Hair Is Your Soul, Take Good Care Of It!

Summer is an awesome time, but your hair can suffer from direct contact with natural elements, especially if you have long hair. At the end of Summer, you might want to give extra help to your hair and scalp to maintain them beautifully healthy. Sisley has developed 2 amazing products that will be the perfect companions for this inter-season.

Hair Rituel by Sisley Soothing Anti-dandruff Shampoo

By living outside for several weeks, we gain optimism, a good mood and reconnect with nature. The feeling of summer is still beneficial for several weeks afterwards in a row. Nevertheless, your hair and scalp can suffer from seawater, sun UVs, wind, dust, etc. Sisley has successfully developed for a couple of years now its beauty care line called Hair Rituel by Sisley. It gathers all the expertise of Sisley into specific products for your hair. This season, Sisley is launching the Soothing Anti-dandruff Shampoo. According to the brand, this new shampoo gently cleanses, rebalances and purifies the scalp. The anti-dandruff effect continues, even after completing treatment.


One key element in this formula is the usage of Sage extract. The scalp is gently cleansed, rebalanced, and purified. Sage is introduced within an intense rebalancing complex around 5 ingredients:

  • Sage
  • Celery seed extract
  • Exotic Verbena essential oil
  • Piroctone Olamine
  • Alpha Bisabolol

The Intense Rebalancing Complex rebalances the scalp. It Purifies and maintains a fresh and pure scalp and continue effectiveness thanks to actions that work for a long time. The usage of Alpha Bisabolol is interesting as it is one of the main components of Camomille and calm irritated scalps. The usage of Piroctone Olamine shows the mastery of Sisley in terms of formulation. For years, anti-dandruff shampoos have used Zinc as one of the main components. While Zinc had a certain efficiency, Piroctone Olamine has a much better deal. Not only it acts as natural formula preservation, but it also treats the hair at the root, which plays an interesting role in an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Using the Shampoo with the Soothing Anti-dandruff Cure addresses the underlying causes of dandruff and irritation. Even after you’ve finished treatment, the anti-dandruff impact lasts.

Hair Rituel by Sisley Soothing Anti-Dandruff Cure


This additional product in your anti-dandruff treatment rebalances soothes and purifies the scalp. The anti-dandruff effect continues, even after completing treatment. Sisley has developed a key plant-based formula, and this cure is the second stage in the Anti-dandruff Soothing Ritual. Using the Cure in conjunction with the Soothing Anti-dandruff Shampoo addresses the underlying causes of dandruff and associated pain. Even after you’ve finished treatment, the anti-dandruff impact lasts.

The non-rinse application allows the Intense Rebalancing Complex to have an even stronger impact. This enhances Piroctone Olamine’s anti-recurrence ability; the complex binds to the keratin of the scalp and continues to rebalance the scalp throughout the therapy.

Skin & Complexion Are Key In September

Generally, September is the holy month of complexion. Every brand will rival in terms of creativity and innovation to help you achieve perfect complexion. While certain brands will help “cover up the mess”, Sisley has a different approach and try helping healing your skin before any make-up. Here is one specific product that might become your best friend for a while.

Sisleÿa Radiance Anti-Dark Spot Serum


This new serum by Sisley acts on the main causes of the loss of radiance to regain skin that looks more even, luminous and visibly younger. Its formula combines 3 very complete actions. The first action is the appearance of dark spots reduction. This is made possible by the usage of a new Sisley ingredient: Lansium extract. This plant-based extract is associated with Hexylresorcinol, a true expert of anti-dark spots. Together, it will prevent the appearance of the firsts dark spots and keep your skin safe and more uniform.

The second interesting action of this new serum is that its formula will help brighten and refresh your complexion. A mineral complex and powerful natural ingredients with toning properties would offer a brightened experience to your skin. Last but not least, Sisley used Soy peptide extract combined with Adenosine to help the skin’s overall quality, and it helps to restore luminosity. Last but not least, the usage of Oat seed extract will smooth the skin appearance and texture. After this treatment, you can apply your preferred complexion make-up product. Your skin is healthy and ready to receive a make-up.

Sisley Make-Up: A True Care For Your Face

The success of Sisley make-up is about the important fact that each product is not a standard make-up product but also truly care for your face. Here are three interesting new products that high-lights the interest in such a make-up line, especially after summer.

Sisley Long Lasting Cream-to-Powder Blush


There are three strong ideas around this new product: Color, Care, and a Healthy Glow in a single “twist”. The Sisley Long-Lasting Cream-to-Powder blush is as vibrant as a cream blush, as gentle as powder blush, and as entertaining as a Twist. It features a rounded tip for accurate application without the need for a mirror. Its cream recipe, which has a unique sensory experience, transforms into powder as it comes into contact with the skin. It gives you the best of both worlds: a powder’s distinctive smoothing velvety finish in a long-lasting cream texture. Three key ingredients:

  • Shea oil: softness and comfort
  • Camellia oil: softness and anti-drying
  • Vitamin E derivative: anti-free radicals

Sisley Photo Lip Twist Tinted Balm N.24


Phyto-Lip Twist is a tinted balm, coloured like a lipstick and shiny like a gloss. It is applied with a single “twist” and leaves the lips supple, moisturized, visibly smoothed and plumped thanks to its cocktail of original plant-based key ingredients. Its ultra-sensory smooth glide-on texture reinvents lipstick. Its luminous, easy-to-wear shades match any occasion, from virtual nude to intense colour. Fun and practical, this new XXL pencil does not need a sharpener. The new tone 24 reflects a special nude effect exquisite. Key ingredients:

  • Commipheroline
  • Phytosqualane: emolliates and moisturizes

Sisley Phyto Khol Star Waterproof All-Day Long Liner N.1


Phyto-Khol Star is an automatically retractable pencil with an integrated pencil sharpener. The creamy and firm tip offers a unique glide and ensures perfect definition with extreme precision. Practical to use at home, in a bus or at the red light inside your car, this liner is by far one of the most well-designed products this year. Sixteen shades with multiple effects that intensify the look: – Sparkling: luminous shades infused with delicate glitter. – Mystic: almost black shimmery shades with subtle reflections. – Matte: pure and intense matte shades.

Its formula, with exceptional comfort and softness enriched with Rosehip oil, Bisabolol of natural origin, and Vitamin E acetate, takes care of the eyelids’ delicate skin. Only the Matte formula may be used along the waterline. This formula stands up to all tests: rain, humidity, heat, tears, exertion, sweat or sebum.

Sisley Phyto-Teint Nude Water Infused Second Skin Foundation


Because September is the complexion month, we cannot finish this article without talking about this little wonder by Sisley. Here is the new Sisley Phyto-Teint Nude Water Infused Second Skin Foundation. This Fluid care foundation brings an ultra-natural complexion, hydrated and energized skin. Imperceptible but perfect. This new product brings a lot of light and an even complexion while transparent. The result is immediately perceived. The complexion is sublimated and subtly satiny. The skin texture is smooth and plumped. Some small irregularities are also blurred. Day after day, the “Vita-Light” complex works to boost radiance, improve vitality and energy of the skin.

The texture is key. This one is fluid, fresh and light. It offers a bare skin sensation, “nude”, almost imperceptible finish with a very light coverage effect. Sisley has developed a range of 16 natural and luminous shades for all skin tones, from light to dark skin.

Let’s also highlight the fact that Sisley has created a new and easy classification that should help you navigate across the different shades:

  • C for Cool/Cold (pink undertones)
  • N for Neutral (mix of pink and golden undertones)
  • W for Warm (golden undertones)

When listening to Damian Garozzo, Make-Up Artist at Sisley, he explains that in addition to being imperceptible on the skin, this new generation of Foundation products is a real treat, which gives a sublime radiance to the skin. He thinks the texture is very fluid, fresh and surprising for a true pleasure when applying.

In conclusion, you will love taking good care of yourself after enjoying your summer holidays. Enjoy your own beauty.

José Amorim
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