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This month, LuxuryActivist is introducing Ange du Sud (South Angel in french), a new cosmetic brand, born in the south of France in Marseille. They provide a short yet interesting range of body products. The brand claims a refined, ecological and natural approach of cosmetics.


The Brand was born in 2011 in Marseille, France. The french city is known for its beautiful sea line and an annual sunshine. It is also the land of the traditional “Savon de Marseille”. Marseille soap or Savon de Marseille is a traditional soap made from vegetable oils that has been made around Marseille, France, for about 600 years. The first documented soapmaker in the area was recorded in about 1370.

Traditionally, the soap is made by mixing sea water from the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, and the alkaline chemicals soda ash (sodium carbonate) andlye (sodium hydroxide) together in a large cauldron. This mixture is then heated for several days, stirred constantly. The mixture is then allowed to sit and, once ready, it is poured into the mold, and allowed to set slightly. Whilst still soft, it is cut into bars and stamped, and left to completely harden. The whole process can take up to a month from the start before the soap is ready to use.

Today Ange du Sud proposes to review this local tradition in urban modern and refined products. The brand is attached to authenticity at all levels.

The brand was born from an idea: to create in sunny Marseille refined natural and ethical cosmetics. The products procures you a pure moment of relaxation and pleasure.


The range is composed by 5 products:

  • Body Exfoliator 100ML – Gommage Corps
  • Hand Cream 100ML – Crème Mains
  • Body Milk 200ML – Lait Corps
  • Shower Cream 200ML – Crème de Douche
  • Liquid Marseille Soap 200ML – Savon Liquide de Marseille

All products have no Paraben and Phenoxyethanol, no silicone and recyclable packaging. The products are naturally perfumed with Orange flower and the formulas are at least with 96% of natural ingredients. I got to test the Body Exfoliator and the Liquid Soap.


100ML Body Exfoliator – Gommage Corps


With 98,5% of natural ingredients, this Body Exfoliator cares about the cleanness of your skin. His formula contain interesting ingredients, some of them even organic.

  • Bee wax: soothes, softens and protects the skin
  • Canadian Rock Salt crystals: 100% natural, rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. Removes the dead cells from the skin surface thanks to its exfoliating effect.
  • Organic Honey extract: antiseptic, demulcent, emollient and toning through the presence of Sugars, Vitamins (C,B6, K,…), minerals like potassium, selenium, sodium, iodine), enzymes and amino acids.
  • Sunflower Oil: rich in limoleic acid and vitamin E which give nourishing and softening properties.
  • Lime powder: exfoliating, cleansing, toning and invigorating for the skin.
  • Organic Pineapple oil extract: Pineapple contains active ingredients – sugars and hydroxy acids (AHAs) who have a significant effect on the skin and gives it a moisturizing and anti-aging effect.
  • Carnauba wax: also called Brazilian wax or Palm wax. It has hypoallergenic and emollient properties and gives a nice shining to the skin and protect it from external aggressions.

In terms of texture I was pleasantly surprised by the texture itself. It looked quite sensual, between a pomade and a honey for the shower. We can strongly smell a beautiful Orange flower scent. The mineral crystals of salt makes the job and cleans up your skin quite well. Personally I would expect more salt crystals in the formula but it will not be the case for most of the people’s expectancies. It is a gently exfoliator, well adapted to all skins. The application is quite soft and pleasant. You can easily take it out under the shower. Your skin looks clean, fresh and not aggressed.



200ML Liquid Marseille Soap – Savon liquide de Marseille


Here I must say I was really excited. Used to lots of different liquid soaps from more or less natural brands, I was wondering what to expect from this one. And the result is just great. In deed the formula is very soft, gently and at the same time very efficient. The formula follows the traditional recipe of the Marseille Soap. It is a very simple formula, as we say less is more.

  • Natural Glycerin: extracted from the saponification process itself and generally extracted from plants. It has a humectant effect that tends to keep the water on the skin, for this, it is considered as an moisturizer. In addition to other natural oils and cleansers, makes the best equation for a liquid soap. It is transparent, so perfect for a transparent or translucent formulation.
  • Coconut Oil: It is a natural moisturizer and also antiseptic, brings a perfect balance in a liquid soap formulation, especially for its natural origins.
  • Castor Oil: a natural plant-based oil used in cosmetics for centuries and continues to play an important role in the production of soaps as non-comedogenic, non-toxic and super emollient ingredient.

When you wash your hands with it, the blend with the hot or cold water makes it a true sensorial experience as the scent of Orange flowers flows in the airs and the very smooth and fluid texture wraps your hands. The skin is truly cleaned and still protected. Really a great formula.

All the products can be found on the brand official website:

They have a e-store in the website. They deliver in France and in Europe. In terms of retail shops, you can find Angel du Sud mainly in the south of France for the moment, either in drugstores, beauty saloons or some multi-brand shops.

It is a very interesting brand as the products are quite qualitative.
As Spring is arriving and we are quitting Winter, we definitely would need some southern sun.



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