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Thierry Mugler is probably one of the most glamorous brands in the entire perfumery industry. Everything they do in perfumery creation is bold and plays the original ideas at 100%. This means no compromise. And that’s the way perfumery brands should be. This summer, the French perfumery brand is launching Angel Eau Sucrée, a summer interpretation of its iconic perfume, Angel. Love it or hate it, Angel Eau Sucrée does not go middle-road. It takes the fast lane to Glamour.



In 2012, Angel celebrated its 20th birthday. And this is a rare and unique milestone in such a contemporary launch. It means that Angel trigged something in many women’s heart, something that connect all these women together, as powerful as sexy. There is never too much, when it comes to the Angel woman. As someone I know used to say: “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere”. The Angel woman definitely goes wherever she wants. The only condition: be bold, stylish and ultra-glamour. And glamour is at all levels in this summer chapter of the Angel story. With the launch of Angel Eau Sucrée, Thierry Mugler emphasizes all Angel strong distinctive facets: Gourmand, Glamour and Powerful.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the name

At the first sight, I was not sure I liked the name. It sounded to me not powerful enough for the Angel woman. There was something in the name that was bothering me until I got it.

Angel Eau sucrée is the height of luxury and gourmandise. Angel is so glamorous that even the water is more than water. More seriously, Eau Sucrée (in French Sugary Water) reflects several strong ideas: childhood, misleading innocence and luxury confectionery. It is summer, sun is shinning and you experience the taste of lust… beware of Angels.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the outer-packaging

Completely aligned with a luxury confectionery universe, the Angel Eau Sucrée outer-packaging will immediately transport you to a dream. Between fairy tales and Sex in the city, it will put a smile on your face. The Angel blue get a graphic fantasy. The Angel logo is surrounded by a seal like the ones you find on luxury cakes and macarons boxes. The vertical stripes comes directly from luxury confectioneries stores that you can find in London or in New York.



Angel Eau Sucrée, the flacon

For this new creation, the Angel star flacon gets a new dress. The Angel 50ML non-refillable flacon dresses with a delicate rain of small sugar drops. As precious as gourmand, this new star will shine during your summer.

Thierry Mugler proves once more the endless limits of the Angel flacon. For the past 20 years, the French brand always found new ways to revisit the iconic flacon, always translating perfectly the concept of the new variation. When you wear this fragrance, the contact between your hand and the flacon will already place you in a sensorial experience.

Angel Eau Sucrée, the fragrance

What to say more about the Angel fragrance? Angel original is already the queen of gourmand. Here, with the Eau Sucrée variation, Thierry Mugler goes deeper in the gourmandise theme. Less woody Patchouli and sensual than the original Angel, Angel Eau Sucrée will explore the gourmandise, the lust and the overdose of Angel. Caramel, meringue and red berries will complete the water-mouthering effect of this fragrance.

Angel fans might find it as a juicier version of Angel and non-Angel fans might find a easier door to the universe of the blue fragrance. The juicy notes on top will reflect the brightness of a red-fruits granité wrapped with a tasteful meringue with hints of vanilla. Do you think it is too much? Well, it is Angel by Thierry Mugler. No averages. Thierry Mugler welcomes Dorothée Piot, the perfumer behind Angel Eau Parfumée. Dorothée Piot is a perfumer at Robertet, one of the most beautiful French fragrance houses. Their Ingredients palette is probably one of the most qualitative one. Only the best can create the extraordinary. At the end, if you did not like Angel, this will not make you like it now. If you liked Angel, you will like it even more.


In conclusion, Angel Eau Sucrée is an original exercise around a mainstream theme: summer. Some people might like it, other might not, but one thing we will all agree on is the fact that Thierry Mugler plays the game to the end. No compromises. So this summer, be a glamor queen.



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