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Cartier revealed its new fragrance for women called La Panthère. A true focus in the Brand DNA and main symbol. As usual every single detail is taken care of, and the final result is a very sophisticated yet modern fragrance, created by Mathilde Laurent, in-house Perfumer. They had the Panther out!

The real Panther was her: Jeanne Toussaint.

The Panther is the symbol of Cartier House and you can find it in all activities from Jewelry to  Watch-making and Fragrances. The symbol of the Panther is present in Cartier’s creation from almost the first day. In 1914, Cartier launched a women watch in which the decoration was the illustration of the Panther’s fur. See image below.

Cartier 1914 First Watch with Panther symbol

Louis Cartier closest friends was Jeanne Toussaint. She was considered as one of the female personalities at that time in Paris. She was friend with Gabrielle Chanel and Misia Sert, known as the Queen of Paris by the artistic scene. Jeanne Toussaint had a fiery personality and all her friends would call her the Panther. In the 30’s she became the Director of Jewelry for Cartier. And that’s how the Panther started being more obviously introduced in the different creations.

Jeanne Toussaint by Adolf de Meyer


Cartier was the first Jewelry brand to explore the theme of femininity thanks to the allegory of the Panther. In all Cartier’s activities the Panther was developed in many ways, from shapes, to textures, symbols and design. Several years later, in 2012, Cartier marked again a big milestone with the reveal of the institutional film: Cartier L’Odyssee. The DNA of the brand was completely remastered for new generations and the Panther was the common denominator telling the story of the French luxury house as if it was the main ambassador. Decades after the first Panther creation, the symbol is still strong and still vehicles the same message of  sensual elegance.

The Panther in Fragrances, a perfect theme for the perfect Cartier woman.

Already in 1987, Cartier wished to illustrate the Cartier woman with the best fragrance possible. And that was Panthère. The 80’s was a special decade in human history. In deed economy was at the maximum, Golden boys worked with Wonder women and pretty much everything was over the top. Cartier had the plan to personify the Cartier Woman in a fragrance that would represent the Cartier signature. With Must de Cartier in 1981, the Cartier woman was a symbol of elegance, good taste and refinement. Elegance at all levels represented the core spirit of Must. 6 years later, Cartier wished to celebrate the audacity and the sensuality of the Panther with a signature fragrance. And simply call it Panthère.

Cartier Panthère 1987

It was a voluptuous fragrance built as a sensual White floral bouquet. From the Orange blossom in the top notes, then on the opulent floral heart of Jasmin, Tuberose and Gardenia, this fragrances had a distinctive Oriental trail of Tonka bean, Balms and a hypnotic combination of Patchouli and Sandalwood. In this first edition, the flacon was slightly facetted as  a precious jewel. On top of it, a Panther lay down on the cap the queen of all animals. Panthère is a historical fragrance that you cannot really find easily, probably the brand will discontinue it anyway as the new Panther rises.

Cartier La Panthère, the legend is back stronger than never.

With this new edition, Cartier refocus on the Panther DNA and present a free woman, aware of her magnetic sensuality, always in a cry chic and contemporary mood. Here is the video made by Cartier:

In the movie we discover the model Erin Wasson.  She is a very beautiful woman with a fiery look. She walks in the city night landscape as a Panther. She is wearing all dark blue clothes and a strong make-up around the eyes. The video was directed by Sean Ellis. It is an interesting choice for a director. Sean Ellis is strongly influenced by photography in all films he made. He also signed advertising films for brands like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rimmel or Roberto Cavalli. So he has a strong feeling for Glamour and to tell a story. He collaborated a lot with I-D, Vogue, The Face or Confused. So he is definitely a hot spot right now.  The print campaign was done by Peter Lindbergh.

La-Panthere-Cartier-Print La-Panthere-Cartier-Peter-Lindbergh

This new fragrance was created as a jewel master-piece.  The flacon itself represents at first-sight a block of crystal facetted as a jewel. It holds a 3D Panther face within the Glass. Beautiful Glass work and an impressive weight in a very qualitative glass. It fills the entire flacon, as if we were facing the Panther itself.


The fragrance is a magnificent Floral Oriental structure in which the gardenia flower loved in a modern bed of Muscs. This is what Mathilde Laurent, the in-house Perfumer says about the fragrance she created:

Every woman holds a share of felinity and any flower keeps animal notes in her heart“.

This new fragrance reveals a modern illustration of the Cartier woman. She is sexy, chic and has a strong personality. It is a subtle yet sophisticated fragrance with several contrasts that create an edge on this fragrance.


The fragrance is launched worldwide in all Cartier official point of sales. You can visit the official Cartier website to see more information about the product and the range.


When the Panther is out, you should be careful otherwise you might get lost in the deepness of her eyes.


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