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There are projects that deserve to be known. And Etyka is definitely one of them. Etyka Luxury is an original concept in which Luxury meets sustainability.  The company represents the Slow Lifestyle and now offers a “Swiss Made” monthly subscription box with 6 – 8 products which are produced sustainably and with respect for the planet and animals. Stylish, positive and sustainable, Etyka represents a way of life, a philosophy even that is very much the trend of our times: ethical and healthy. Find your way to greater serenity, listening to nature and yourself. Eco-Chic is the new Black!


Etyka, passion for doing the right thing.

The dream of Laetitia Berthoud became a reality. She has worked in the past years in the luxury and beauty industry. Her know-how joined her passion for a sustainable life and this motivated her to create Etyka. Based in Geneva, Laetitia Berthoud gathered a small yet highly professional team that together helped to create one of the very first ethical beauty boxes in Europe. Before we look closer at the box, let’s have a look at the concept: dedicated to personal development, good nutrition, wellbeing, travel, culture and art, Etyka stands for natural beauty and respect – for yourself and the planet – and chooses, very selectively, only brands that share the same values. Only brands that are organic, natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free find their place in the Etyka box.


The Etyka Box is for people, mainly women, living with their time, educated and who wish simply to be responsible and active consumers in their choices and purchases. In a way, it associates a luxury lifestyle with an Eco-Responsibility. Today, more than never, consumers wish to give a meaning to their lives and to their actions, that is why Etyka speaks to people sharing the same ethical values and at the same time cherish a luxury life in which they take care of themselves.

Etyka, a closer look inside the box

The box is available from CHF 69. – per month, and inside you will find products ranging from cosmetics, lifestyle, culture, wellness, nutrition and an inspiring magazine! Each product is full size. Generally most of beauty boxes represent a selection of sample-size products which sometimes might be frustrating if you really want to be able to use the product in the short run. Etyka proposes true full-sizes and this is much more qualitative as for most of the customers, it will be the first time they will be exposed to these brands.

Etyka is a combination of cult products and must haves with irresistible attraction, the box keeps all its promises and when it arrives at your home, it most certainly makes for a pleasant surprise! With its values ​​and its positive vibe, the name Etyka perfectly fits this box. And as a member of the Etyka community you can also benefit from special offers of high-end brands, that Etyka is a partner with.


In terms of brands, by subscribing to the box, you will discover Patyka, la vie devant soie, Audacity, Ren, Kjaer Weiss, Matt&Nat and many others.  There is a very original aspect in terms of products selection, is the presence of lifestyle, cultural and fooding products. This means that you will be able to find beautiful ethical stoles, tablet pochettes, books, CDs, Chocolate, spices or even tea.

Another advantage with Etyka is that by subscribing to the box, you become part of a community of people. This community enjoys exclusive services from Etyka’s partners like the prestigious Geneva hotel The Richemont. One special treat is the Etyka magazine as well as some of the partners magazines that you will be able to find inside the box. Qualitative topics around well-being, personal development, nutrition or lifestyle themes are covered and hopefully will inspire you to get a better and healthier life.


Etyka is convincing more and more people to its values and proposition. It is the case for Lauriane Gilliéron (former Miss Switzerland 2005) who is already enthusiastic and devoted to the concept!

The beauty box subscription, more than a simple trend

Created in the US in 2010, the beauty box subscription commerce answered a need of consumers for a more customizable offer. With so many brands in the beauty and fashion industry, it becomes almost impossible to discover all of them. Generally we end up buying the same products, not necessary thanks to loyalty but more because of not knowing what to buy. The beauty box trend started in the U.S. with Birchbox, which was dubbed the “Netflix of beauty” for its monthly subscriptions. Launched in 2010 by two Harvard Business School grads, it now boasts 100,000 subscribers. The success of Birchbox inspired dozens of similar beauty start-ups and sparked a series of other themed subscription boxes containing samples of such things as gourmet food, eco-conscious bath products, children’s toys and even vegan gum.

Consumers want to be able to choose the brands they engage with. They also wish to feel connected to a network of people who also share the same values. New customers are desperately looking for guidance and a customizable offer that fit their needs. People are also giving more and more importance to the origins of the products and services they buy and want to make sure everything is coherent to the sustainable and ethical values they would like to follow.


With more than 50 important beauty box brands in Europe, we could have a hard time to imagine why a new brand would bring something more into the market and convince you to purchase its offer. Well, with Etyka you have a Swiss Made project that offer real size products, all ethical and respectful. By doing some good to you, you end up doing some good to the world.

You can discover more about Etyka by visiting the official website:

When you treat yourself in a luxury way and still do some good to the world, everybody wins.



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