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The past 4000 years brought humanity to a level of caring quite high. From very simple and raw beauty treatments in ancient Egypt to metrosexuals and other beauty lovers today, we will always be surprised by the sophistication of things. While humanity tried sometimes to get away from its mortal conditions and dream of supernatural beauty, certain trends are strong and, more than ever, reconnecting to your inner beauty and its “naturality” is important. Welcome to the Homo nativis, all his paradoxes and contrasting feelings. We have painted here 5 interesting trends to look at. Some of them are here to stay.

1- Beauty Is Not About Looking Young, It Is About Looking Good.

During the 80’s, the real obsession of people was to look forever young. It was the development of aesthetical surgery, the entire cosmetic business went global and young adults were nostalgic from the time they were younger, away from all the adulthood preoccupations and challenges.


For 2 decades the obsessions of people were to look younger. Women wanted to maintain beautiful skin and hair as if they were 20 years old and men were the young conquerors with muscles and shiny hair. This has shaped the vision of adults in a very specific way, giving birth to a whole new business of plastic surgery.

Nowadays, people understand that the most important thing is not to look younger but to look good, meaning healthy and well treated. It is fine to look old if your skin is healthy and clean. Humans tend to live longer, therefore there is a strong preoccupation to live as healthier as possible. Stress, pollution and bad habits can for sure damage your skin and hair, therefore you should try to preserve you from these conditions. Unfortunately, an urban life leads you into the incommodities of the modern world. Here are three products highly recommended:

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Yeux – The beauty of your eyes


This product does makes miracles as it intensely rehydrates with a double action anti-puffiness formula: The fragmented Hyaluronic Acid strengthens cell cohesion to rehydrate intensely. The use of caffeine in the formula provides a natural decongestant. These will allow to maintain the eye area permanently well treated. That tired look will disappear and provide you with a better face.

Lancôme UV Expert Defense 50, You Stay Safe All Day


UV Expert Aqua Gel SPF 50 from Lancôme is a multi-protection cream. With its light and fresh gel texture, the Lancôme product helps your skin defend itself against daily aggressors such as UV rays and air pollution. UV Expert Aqua Gel from Lancôme is enriched with Edelweiss, the main ingredient of the multi-protection cream. Edelweiss is a natural shield flower grown in the Swiss Alps and harvested by hand twice a year to provide triple protection

  • UV protection: proven measure to reduce the inflammation caused by UV
  • Anti-Pollution: strong antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals
  • Anti-ageing effect: strengthens the skin barrier by improving the structure of the epidermis

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion: Your Body Deserve It!


This moisturizing lotion has a long-lasting effect which can be credited to the fact it makes use of a patented MVE technology. It also contains a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid which is used in order to keep your skin hydrated. The texture of the formula is really great, it feels like a velvety caress on your skin. It is by far one of the most hidden treasures of many celebrities. CeraVe is a great product and a perfect value for money.

2- Sanum Per Aqua is the real must

Today it’s fair to say that spas are at the forefront of the holistic health and wellness movement. People everywhere are discovering that the most effective approach to health is maintaining a balanced body and lifestyle – something spas are experts in assisting with. Whilst many people associate traditional spas with Roman baths, there is evidence of spa-type therapies dating back thousands of years when there was a belief in the curative powers of mineral waters.


One of the first written accounts of bathing being used as a curative process rather than a simple hygiene ritual was by ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates, who was alive over 2000 years ago between 460 and 370 B.C. Hippocrates proposed that the cause of all ailments was an imbalance of bodily fluids, and advocated that “the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day.”

However, it was not only in Europe that rituals associated with spa-going were developing. From Japanese ryokan to Turkish hammams and Finnish saunas/steam rooms, different healing facilities were growing around the world. More and more Spas will become very popular as those places are associated with a more authentic approach linked to nature.

3- Mens sana in corpore sano

One of the most important shifts in modern medicine is that we are finally accepting the fact that we should not treat one aspect of a state or disease but we should look to a more global picture. When it comes to beauty, you can spend thousands of dollars in anti-stress creams, but if you live a very stressful life, you will be disappointed of the results. This means you need to treat your body and your mind the same way. Meditation and moisturizing are in a way, both very important. We saw in the past 10, 15 years an increase of interest in alternative therapies like color-therapy, light-therapy, sound-therapy, art-therapy, etc. All these procedures are supposed to try to rebalance your soul and trying to bring a healthier focus to your mind. Therefore your body will be more open to beauty treatments. It all start with self-respect and self-love in a way. If you do not take care of your mind, how can you properly take care of your body?


A big trend in these alternative therapies is colour therapy for adults. There are now several apps that will help relieve the stress and help you focus on something pleasant. With such apps people can turn their anxieties into beautiful artworks through colourings templates and tools provided and benefit from the outpouring support from the community.


5- Science To The Next Level: Exploring The Microbiome.

Very recently some people and brands started getting their interest into what we call our microbiome. The microbiome is a term that describes the genome of all the microorganisms, symbiotic and pathogenic, living in and on all vertebrates. The gut microbiome consists of the collective genome of microbes inhabiting the gut including bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi”. We tend to consider it as a second brain as it can interfere in many ways in our health. Some brands started working on elements that can stimulate, improve and even sometimes change our microbiome for better and for good.

First things first: The Lactobacillus

Lactobacillus is one of the first microorganisms to populate the human body and is thought to be a key formative bacterium in that regard. However, adults rarely have lactobacillus strains among their microbiota. So brands like esse Probiotic Skincare, Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Skincare, and The Spoiled Bee are including lactobacillus in skincare product formulations to help refresh (as it were) the skin microbiome.

Let’s move to Microbiome care

Microbiome care is just starting. Many scientists believe that taking care of your microbiome is more efficient than taking care of your skin for example. For now, some scientific teams are currently looking for novel ways to use postbiotics to act on microbiota’s environment. The extension of this approach has the potential to develop patented bacteria that would allow the user to change or to improve something on his body. The modified bacteria would then act in a very targeted way. During an international Tech meeting back in 2018, the Italian company Roelmi HPC presented its latest personal care and beauty ingredient called Aective. It is a biotech-derived molecule that provides microbial defence as well as skin moisturization and elasticity benefits. This kind of molecule is precisely the sort of personal care technology that will lead to active-prep, microbiome-friendly product innovations.