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Every year Sisley surprises us with a great range of products for Summer. This year discover the new Super Stick Solaire and the new Self Tanning Body care.


This year Sisley is expanding its sun care range with a new water-resistant Sun protection stick created exclusively for the sensitive areas of the face.

Sisley sun skincare



Every year it is always the same thing. Which sun care product should I choose for this summer season? And every year we always hesitate. Especially when it comes to the face as we are always concerned by our face skin. Sisley brings the perfect solution for it by launching the new Super Stick.

Sisley Super Stick Solaire

Sisley research selected broad spectrum UVA and UVB mineral screens, composed of micronised zinc AnD titanium oxides, specially adapted for the most sensitive areas of the face. The skin’s natural defenses are strengthened by vitamin e Acetate, an antioxidant which helps skin combat free radicals.

Sisley Sun products new 2013

As a result the most sensitive areas of the face are better protected from solar erythema, dryness and the visible effects of photo- ageing: wrinkles and fine lines, dark spots and skin slackening.

Sisley Stick Solaire SP30


In addition, Sisley laboratories developed an incomparable formula and texture in order to make the usage of this product a true experience. With active ingredients like Camellia oil, Mango butter and Shea butter, the Super Stick Solaire has an amazing emollient and nourishing properties.

And because summer time means often sea bath or swimming pool bath, the product is water-water-resistant. This makes it perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

It fits all skins, women and men, and provides a very elegant matt finish. Sisley created 2 types of formula: colorless and tinted. The first one is a more unisex version, designed for the entire family. The tinted version will be perfect for tanned skin or for a healthy-glow effect. As it has a sheer compact foundation effect it is more suitable for women.

The Range is now a pretty complete range with 5 products for the face and 4 products for the body.

gamme solaire visage sisley

  1. Super crème Solaire visage Spf 10 UVA
  2. Grand ecran Solaire visage Spf 30 UVA
  3. Super ecran Solaire visage Spf 50+ UVA
  4. Sunleÿa Soin Solaire Anti-Age visage Spf 15 UVA
  5. Sunleÿa Soin Après Soleil Anti-Age visage

gamme solaire corps sisley

  1. Super huile Solaire corps Spf 6 UVA
  2. Super crème Solaire corps Spf 15 UVA
  3. Super fluide Solaire corps Spf 30 UVA
  4. Super Soin Après-Soleil Tan extender

The way the Super Stick solaire is produced makes it very practical. With a compact shape you can carry it everywhere from your pocket to your bag. With one hand you can take the stick out and use it wisely in the different places of your face. Non sticky the texture literally melts on your skin for a natural effect.  It is definitely the must have for this summer.




Sometimes you do not have the time or the occasion for a perfect sun bath. Rather than looking like snow white, just take the option of using one of the most advanced products in the market. And this is the Super Self-tanning hydrating Body skin care by Sisley. An all-in-one product that will provide a perfect alternative to sun-bath.

After the last year successful launch of Self tanning for the skin, 2013 completes the Sisley offer in a very demanding market segment, the self tanning. 

3 main effect on this perfect formula.

A perfect tanning for the perfect skin, with a very natural result. DHA and Erythrulose is the winning couple as it procures a progressive and natural effect, compatible with all skins including the most sensitive ones.

Let’s not forget the moisturizing action, as key element of a beautiful skin. Very often self tanning products dry your skin and the usage of a complementary product is requested. With the new Sisley Self tanning body care everything is included. Wild Pansy flower and Chestnut extracts guaranty to keep water in the skin. In addition, Stevia leaf, vegetal glycerin and sunflower oil play an important role to soften and to smooth the skin. To complete the effect, an antioxidant active was added: Vitamin E Acetate.


Final but not least, the Milk texture is a real pleasure. It is very fresh and non-sticky. This makes the new Self tanning for the body an amazing summer experience .  With a light fragranced formula, it masks the scent of DHA and your application becomes a true pleasure for the senses. You can use it occasionally for a healthy effect or ore often for a more intense result.

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Get ready for this summer and allow your skin to “feel” beautiful.


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