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It’s been a while since Guerlain  launched a Masculine fragrance. Since the success of the Petite Robe Noire and the relaunch of Shalimar with the amazing film they created, the tone was for women. In this beginning of June, Guerlain changes this situation with the launch of L’Homme Ideal.

Masculine fragrances by Guerlain, a success story that lasts.

Despite the fact Guerlain marked for ever the Perfumery history with amazing feminine fragrances like Jicky, Shalimar, L’Heure Bleue or Chamade, the men’s side is populated by extraordinary stories and creations. In a way, Guerlain was always a man’s world. First because there were always Men’s perfumers and most of the feminine fragrances were some how a celebration of women and femininity like only a man could do. The lover, the friend, the confidant, the father or the husband. In terms of perfumers, there is a beautiful transmission from one man to another, like an unbroken link from one generation to another.

  • Pierre-François Guerlain (1798-1864) : the founder in 1828.
  • Aimé Guerlain (1834-1910)
  • Gabriel Guerlain (1841-1933)
  • Pierre Gabriel Guerlain (1872-1961)
  • Jacques Guerlain (1874-1963)
  • Jean-Jacques Guerlain (1906-1997)
  • Jean-Paul Guerlain (Born in 1937)
  • Thierry Wasser (Born in 1961)

In 2008, Thierry Wasser became the Master Perfumer in-house. Since 2007 he already collaborated with the French perfumery house and since then, he proudly pursuit the quest of excellence and state of art.

Here is a short timeline of all main masculine fragrance creations from Guerlain. Eau du Coq is considered as unisex even though we thought to place it in this chart (we like it). We also did not take in consideration limited editions or flankers (intense, cologne versions of the originals).


As we can see, all these names are milestones in the perfumery timeline. All of them tell amazing stories of bravery, charisma, masculinity and love. Guerlain is a fragrance poet and its vision of masculinity will dress any man like a  lord. It is all about finding the right notes to play the melody.

L’Homme Ideal Guerlain, a vision of modern masculinity.


2014 is an important year for Guerlain masculine fragrances. The French Perfumery house is launching L’Homme Ideal. The Fragrance will be revealed on June 3rd, so just a couple of weeks to wait.

Guerlain is preparing a strong statement on heritage, on men and on Guerlain’s creations .
We can see that the Guerlain Legacy is something that is completely filled into the creation DNA. A Guerlain of 2014 would not be possible created without the legacy of Eau Impériale in 1853.  That ‘s the greatness of marvelous Perfumery Houses, to being able to keep track of their past to build the future. Pure and Simple.


There is already a dedicated website called For the moment, there is not much as it is “Coming soon”.

The ideal man, in french L’Homme Idéal, is probably one of the most wanted thing for many people. Does he really exist? Guerlain message is basically about not trying to become the ideal man anymore. Just wear the fragrance and you will see. Of course there is an intelligent sense of humor behind all this. Life can be already pretty boring, so do not waist your time by being too serious, enjoy some fun moments.



Guerlain declares that the ideal man does not really exists but that the fragrance itself is truly real. Guerlain becomes the translator of every human desires and recreates them into a fragrance. The ideal fragrance for men needs to be beautiful by the qualities of raw materials and the balance of its formula by revealing step by step the story.

The Flacon is a perfect fit to the concept. The black mate effect of the frame and the flacon top contrast with the white label in the center that contains the name of the product.


The Fragrance itself is a Woody Aromatic. Fresh and sparkling notes of Orange blossom and Rosemary lead the way of an amazing story of Almond and Tonka accord. The Almond note is a premiere in masculine perfumery as up to now it was more connected to an olfactory women’s tradition. The fragrance structure is wrapped in an intense and bright leather, cedar wood and vetiver sonata. The fragrance is powerful and subtle at the same time. It sharps an edge yet rounds up the story thanks to its richness and elegance. All the heritage of masculine fragrances can be found here, like an experience legacy from perfumer to another perfumer throughout the years. Thierry Wasser is the one who delivers this strong masculine message from history to our futures.


Here is the TV Ad:

The ideal fragrance for men needs to be strong. A man with charisma and magnetic personality is a man who marks the places and the people he meets. A Guerlain masculine fragrance does the same.


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