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All guys want a stylish yet versatile haircut – one that looks good at the office, on a date, or while working out, but doesn’t require a lot of styling or maintenance. Although there are plenty of trendy men’s hairstyles to pick from these days, the most common problem is that guys don’t know how to pick the best look for them.

Ultimately, many of you will see a haircut online and fall in love with it because it looks awesome on the person wearing it. The issue is that guys forget that hairstyles, like most things in life, aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. They visit their local barber, ask for the cut they saw, style their hair at home, and then blame the barbershop for a “bad” haircut without realizing that the style they picked was never right for them to begin with. Like all things aesthetic and fashion, the best hairstyle for you is based on geometry and symmetry. Each guy has a very different face shape, and based on the structure of their jawline, cheeks and forehead, certain haircuts and facial hair features look better on certain guys. To help guys figure out their face shapes and find the best haircuts for them, the styling experts at Mens Haircuts Today have developed this incredibly resourceful guide with illustrations.

Below, you’ll find the graphic with details on how to identify your face shape – oval, square, round, etc. – and the types of cuts that are ideal for you. Finally, if all else fails and you want one of the most “in” haircuts of 2017, you’ll definitely want to give the undercut hairstyle a try.



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