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Who is the next king of cool?

Every decade has its rising stars, cash cows and dying mammoth... Ok, here I am not talking about Darwin or about animals... I am talking about innovative, creative and outstanding companies that...

Cool, New Hairstyles For Guys To Try in 2017 [Infographics]

We’re already months into the new year and, for many of us, not much about our lives has changed. And while the certainty of a steadfast routine can positively influence many aspects...

How To Choose The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape [Infographics]

All guys want a stylish yet versatile haircut - one that looks good at the office, on a date, or while working out, but doesn’t require a lot of styling or maintenance....

Birdy Kids at ArtShop Lausanne – Must see!

Lausanne will shine with bright and vibrant colors from tonight. Birdy Kids are in town. Always on the cutting edge of art, Virginie Bridy and her trendy ArtShop in Lausanne present an exhibition of some chosen artwork of street artists Birdy Kids.

Carmen Dell’Orefice, oldest top model in the world.

Carmen Dell'Orefice is the oldest top model in the world.  She has been modeling for more than 40 years and she is still on track!   Carmen Dell'Orefice was born in June 3rd 1931...

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