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parfums Lubin-logoPerfumery is an Art since the ages of times. Some names are for ever connected to Perfumery history and one of them is Lubin. One of the oldest Perfumery houses in the world, still in activity since 1798.

Pierre François Lubin founded the company at the end of the 18th century. Very fast, the Fragrance house became one of the most fashionable brands at that time. In deed, by producing scented ribbons, rice powderballs and masks, Lubin seduced women called at that time “Les Merveilleuses”, “the wonders” in French. Les Merveilleuses were part of a trend in France characterized by a certain dissipation and extravagance, in response to the Terror period.

They were the trendsetters of the time and Lubin their preferred brand. The fragrance won over the Imperial Court, and was worn by the likes of Josephine and Pauline Bonaparte. When the Bourbons were restored, Lubin dedicated his fragrances to Queen Marie-Amelie. Eventually, Lubin’s perfumes were worn by all the crowned heads of Europe, and were imported to America in 1830.

Les Merveilleuses

Lubin was still a major perfumery in the 1940s, but abandoned high-end perfume making in the 1980s. A financial reorganization took place at the House of Lubin in 2001. Its wares and antique documents can be found displayed in Musées de Grasse’s International Perfume Museum in Grasse, France.

Olivia Giacobetti is the current fragrance designer and today the company is also very present in the USA where the relaunch of the brand was a great success.

In 2011, Lubin (re)launched Marie Antoinette’s fragrance called Black Jade. Historically, it was created by the Queen’s personal perfumer, Jean-Louis Fargeon. Now it is relaunched under the Lubin brand.

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I find important to keep alive what made history possible and especially when this means keeping great fragrances alive. I still have in mind Lubin’s Vetiver… just amazing. You can also rediscover IDOLE, in a re-invented version by Olivia Giacobetti, the current inHouse perfumer.



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