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At this point, we have never been so close to Christmas. While Santa Claus is preparing his bag full of gifts, it is still time to think about what would you like to see under the Christmas tree. If you are a beauty lover or a skincare addict, this article is for you. Here are my top 5 must-haves by Sisley Paris that you need to tell Santa to bring you as a Christmas present.

1- Velvet Sleeping Mask With Saffron Flowers: Skin SOS call.


The soothing and restorative Velvet Sleeping Mask with Saffron flowers helps dry skin “regain its strength” overnight. – Optimizes skin’s nocturnal natural activity. At night, protected from damage, the skin devotes itself to repair.

This soothing mask supports dry skin in its nocturnal repair work thanks to the most effective ingredients (Thyme Honey, Shea butter). Upon awaking, the skin has “recovered”, revitalized, it is stronger and more resistant. – Intensely nourishes and moisturizes thanks to a cocktail of powerful plant-based active ingredients (Macadamia and Cottonseed oils, Kokum butter, Japanese Lilyturf and Padina pavonica extracts). – Comforts and soothes dry skin.

It provides immediate well-being thanks to its comforting texture and fragrance that envelopes the skin in a bubble of softness. Saffron flower extract soothes dry skin that regains comfort and suppleness upon awaking. This mask can also be used as an SOS Mask to provide relief and comfort in just 10 minutes.

Key Ingredients: Saffron flower extract, Shea and Kokum butter, Padina Pavonica extract, thyme honey, Macadamia and Cottonseed oils, Japanese Lilyturf extract and a complex of moisturizing key ingredients – Plant-based glycerin and Pro-Vitamin B5.

2- Hair Rituel Revitalizing and Fortifying Serum


Like the skin, the scalp is irrigated by a multitude of small blood vessels that provide all the nutrients necessary for the growth, protection and shine of hair. The root of a hair, also called the hair bulb, is where the hair is produced. This is where the cells responsible for the formation of the hair fiber and its color are concentrated.
The sebaceous gland in contact with the hair follicle provides the sebum necessary for the protection, shine and suppleness of hair.

The Revitalising Fortifying Serum for the scalp contributes to making the hair stronger and denser. Highly concentrated in plant-based extracts, proteins, vitamins and minerals, this fortifying serum energises the hair bulb to help keep the hair anchored, making it more resistant and protecting its natural color. Fresh fragrance designed to complement the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Ultra light, non-greasy texture, ideal for scalp massage.

3- Restorative Hand Cream


Sisley Restorative Hand Cream is an intensely moisturizing treatment for hands and nails. The hydrating formula helps lock-in moisture to improve skin hydration. It also softens the cuticles, promotes the beauty of the nails, and provides immediate comfort.

This complete formula acts on all fronts to moisturize, nourish and restore skin. A pair of key moisturizing ingredients including a biosaccharide solution and a plant-based sugar continuously capture water and help skin retain it. Chestnut extract supports skin’s barrier function in order to further help the heart of your epidermis retain water. In addition to comfort and nutrition, this cream softens the cuticles. Its surprising texture is light yet rich when applied for immediate comfort, and it provides a powdery finish that isn’t sticky or oily. Skin is left soothed, restored and quenched.

4- Sisley Youth Anti-Pollution: Energizing super hydrating youth protector


Anti-pollution is probably one of the big topics in skincare, especially in the past 10 years. We realize that our skin is constantly attacked by external factors and unfortunately pollution is one important topic, and not only because of environmental issues. Our skin suffers as well and Sisley brings here the perfect formula to help you protecting your skin.

A powerful cocktail of anti-oxidant, anti-free radical and protective active ingredients (Buckwheat seed, Ginkgo biloba, and Pea extracts, and Vitamin E Acetate) protect the skin from the harmful effects of all types of pollution and strengthens its resistance. Its youth is preserved.

The combined action of Ginseng extract, recognized for its energizing properties, and Kiwi extract, rich in minerals, improves the toned appearance of the skin and helps it to regain energy and vitality. The complexion is fresh and more luminous. The skin is revitalized, it radiates new energy. 

Sisley’s expert super moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients (plant-based sugar, Buckwheat seed extract, and Shea butter) promote water retention in the epidermis, contributing to the proper hydration of the skin. Intensely moisturized, the skin is glowing, full of vitality. 

5- Sisleÿa Firming Concentrated Serum


As the years pass, the face loses its relief and its firmness. The cheekbones are less full, the contour of the face becomes blurred. After the launch of Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge, Sisley Research is going even further in its innovation and going back to the very origin of behavioral aging. 

Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Firming Concentrated Serum reactivates tensional forces. The face recovers the firmness and shape of more youthful skin. Non-comedogenic. Tolerance tested under dermatological control.

The first effect is the awakening of the skin’s firming potential. In addition to the inescapable effects of aging, lifestyle directly affects the proper functioning of elastin, which is responsible for the skin’s firmness. Sweet Marjoram extract, a new Sisley active ingredient, will act to awaken and boost the skin’s firming potential. Skin is firmer, denser and more toned. The second effect is the re-tensioning of the skin. Marking the passing of time, loss of firmness is also the result of the weakening of the skin’s tensional forces. Phyto-complex Pro-Firm 7, a unique complex with 7 powerful plant-based extracts, acts deep down, to promote the re-tensioning of the skin at every level . This new product acts as a true skin architect.

In conclusion, Sisley is considered as one of the highest experts on skin aging. In this holiday season you might want to give your skin a great treat by offering a self-indulgent moment.

José Amorim
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