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Discover Puredistance Black, a new opus by Puredistance master perfumes. According to the Fragrance house, it is a mysterious and charming fragrance that stays close to the wearer and whispers style and elegance.


What is remarkable with every creation done by Puredistance is the fact that in every single detail, they go for the best, the most precious, the rarest, the finest … possible. So each creation is purely a little miracle in perfumery. Perfumers have completely freedom to create, which basically is something that does not exist anymore or at least not so often. With Puredistance Black, it is the same approach.


Puredistance-60ML-Black-mood3 Puredistance-60ML-Black-mood2

From the very first seconds you wear puredistance Black on your skin, we are completely pulled-out of reality to dive into a journey fill of sensuality, mystery and timeless elegance. It is a fragrance that fits perfectly a gentleman or a gentlewoman. Both like sophistication and seduction with a hint of secrecy.


The fragrance was created by worldwide renown perfumer Antoine Lie. There is an idea of “cult of the unknown” behind of this fragrance, which makes it quite unique. The ingredient list is unknown. Well, only the perfumer of course knows it. So instead of giving a list of ingredients, which I usually do, I will more give you the feeling of wearing it.

The first seconds are truly breath-taking. In deed we get completely involved with the main story right away. The fragrance really wraps warmly your skin and procures a soft yet sophisticated aura. Elegancy is provided with amazing facetted notes. You can imagine laying down in a magnificent deep leather sofa, surrounded of precious woods and in the room your imagination takes off thanks to the airy curves of an incense burning. Your mind is free, your brain leaves the place to your heart and suddenly the mystery operates.

Every single detail of this formula was prepared, created and orchestrated with huge amount of precision. Such ingredients need to be handle with careful because they are very powerful. Working such a formula, especially in such high concentration, requires the mastery of a true artist, a master in perfumery. Antoine Lie found his way in order to reveal to you a mystery that still remains unveiled.


Puredistance Black is available in 17.5ML, 60ML and 100ML.  Please check the official website for more information about this new masterpiece that will completely thrill your senses.

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For the launch of the new Puredistance Black, a hashtag campaign started, so if you share the information on twitter, you can use #pdblack and be part of it.

Puredistance will always surprise us with amazing creations and in a way, isn’t this the purpose of true creation?



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