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The french Phytocosmetology House Sisley launches this month Sisleÿum for Men.
Philippe d’Ornano, General Manager of Sisley explains they made a lot of studies about Men’s skin specifications. philippe d'ornano sisleyHe explains on the brand website that Sisleÿum is a very global product. Of course men can use any skincare product from Sisley but if you want to have only one product, this one is THE ONE. It is the ideal product for the busy modern man. One single product for day and night. He also explains that lot of men have the “shiny skin” issue and Sisleÿum fights this inconvenient.

jose ginestar sisleyJose Ginestar, Scientific Director of Sisley Laboratories explains on the brand website the specificities of the new product. I know very well José Ginestar as we worked together at Clarins in France. He has a great experience and the perfect knowledge about plants and essential oils. He has been working with these complex ingredients for many years.
He explains that Men suffer of Skin aging much later than women. This means that when the skin start getting old, wrinkles and skin problems are much more visible on a masculine skin.  Sisleÿum is the answer for this problem. The product formula contains a clever natural cocktail of Vegetal extracts and essential oils. 4 minerals were introduced into the formula in order to bring Energy and anti-stress properties: Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Magnesium. The formula brings 3 main actions:

– Anti Aging
– Anti stress and relaxing
– Repairing

sisleyum pour homme

One single formula and 2 textures : A cream for dry skin and a Gel base for normal and combined skin.
50ML for 250 US$.

About the company.
hubert d'ornano sisleySisley was founded in 1976 by Count Hubert d’Ornano.  After Law studies at La Sorbonne university in Paris, Hubert d’Ornano founded with his father and brother Michel, a cosmetic factory called Jean d’Albret-Orlane. In the 70’s he was the CEO of the company and he also performed the same job at Jean-Louis Scherrer SA.
In July 6, 1963 in Deauville, Hubert d’Ornano married Isabella, daughter of Joseph Potocki and KrystynaRadziwill (daughter of famed Janusz Radziwill). They have five children: Philip(b. 1964), Mark (b. 1966), Elizabeth (b. 1968), Maria-LAETITIA (b. 1970) and Christine (born 1973). Countess Isabella is considered one of the finest women in the world and represent excellency in the fields of Arts and Culture.
In 1975, Hubert and Mrs Isabelle d’Ornano established its own factory under the name of exclusive cosmetics Sisley SA, employing 3 000 people in 90 countries. Sales figures are over the half billion dollar and growth is very intense each year.
Sisley highlights 2 specific know-hows: Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy (natural extracts vs essential oils). They have skincare, make up and Fragrances. Eau du Soir or Eau de Campagne became Must have during the years. And Sisleÿa became one of the best global Anti-aging product in the market today.
eau de campagne sisley
So, gentlemen now you have a quick, elegant and efficient solution to your skin issues and, Ladies, please do not hesitate to offer this for father’s day 🙂

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