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Supremÿa Baume is the great night anti-aging treatment specifically designed to meet the specific needs of naturally dry to very dry skin. Dried out by environmental conditions, the skin lacks comfort, so the new Supremÿa Baume La Nuit has a melting balm texture, rich and firm, deliciously smoothing.


At the heart of its formula, Phyto-complex LC12 (Longevity Concentrate 12h). Patented by Sisley, you will find a combination of 4 powerful ingredients from plants. Every night, our body put in place regeneration process, so it is a key moment in which the skin is rejuvenated. In order to help the natural process, Supremÿa Baume integrates an intensive complex that regenerates and restructures (Hazelnut oil, butter Kokum, Macadamia oil). Its formula offers exceptional deep relipidante share for a comfortable skin nourished and revitalized. Night after night, the skin is regenerated, restructured and prepared to face the next day. The great thing about this new product is that it is non-comedogenic.


You can apply this balm on clean, dry skin in the evening: face, neck and décolleté. Just massage gently until completely absorption. The skin is instantly nourished, moisturized and more comfortable. It is replumped, firmer, tightened and visibly smoothed. In two months, Supremÿa Baume helps to repair the damage of the skin’s past. Its “in-depth” rejuvenating action becomes visible externally. The skin appears firmer, smoother and more luminous upon wakening. Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. The skin is regenerated, restructured and prepared to tackle the next day. Night after night, Supremÿa Baume optimizes the skin’s future. The visible signs of the programmed aging process are pushed back, the skin will age with a more youthful appearance. Check here for more information:

Key ingredients:

  • Sisley’s patented* Phyto-complex LC12 (12-hour Longevity Concentrate): a powerful combination of four plant-based active ingredients that improve the quality of the cells’ life**
  • Hazelnut oil: moisturizing and nourishing properties, helps make the skin softer and more comfortable
  • Kokum butter: gives the skin emollience and suppleness. Rich in protective and repairing emollient fatty acids to nourish and revitalize the skin
  • Macadamia oil: restructuring, nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and softening properties to maintain the hydration and suppleness of damaged, dry and mature skin. * patent pending ** ex-vivo test

Now that Winter is coming, it is the right moment to treat your skin the right way. By protecting your skin from dryness, you preserve your youth and the look of your skin. Many things happen at night.


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