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In 1999, Sisley launched Sisleÿa Global Anti-Aging and it was a true revolution on the market. It was the first time a beauty brand would have a global approach against the aging natural process. This was possible thanks to the clever idea of improving the cell environment rather than the cell itself. Sisley needed 10 years of intense research more than 50 active ingredients and a innovative concept that brought Sisleÿa to become a world wide best-seller.

In 2016, 17 later, Sisley reinvents Sisleÿa Global Anti-Aging to become the new Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Âge. Why this  evolution? Sisleÿa does not only fights the visible signs of aging (natural process and external conditions) but now it also includes a way to fight the causes related to behavioral aging. Basically, all the choices we do (smoking, alcohol…) the stress at work, over-exposure to the sun, etc, etc… are also major causes of aging. In most cases, the behavioral aging is stronger and marks deeper the skin than the natural aging. It took Sisley 17 years to figure out a solution to this. The choices we make will have an impact on:

  • the cellular rhythm
  • the cells energy
  • the life cycle of the cells


A major factor of aging is linked to personal lifestyle. Everyday stress, life’s hardships and various excesses deregulate the biological life cycle of cells. This behavioral dimension, the third dimension of aging, affects the face even more than genetic or environmental aging. Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge fights against the visible signs associated with the 3 types of aging to provide a truly complete anti-aging solution. It contains stimulating active ingredients (Phytostimuline, Rhatany extract and Lady’s Mantle extract), regenerating and restructuring active ingredients (Ursolic Acid, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, Soy peptide extract, White Willow leaf extract), Lindera extract for cellular rhythm*, Persian Acacia extract for cellular energy*, and a Yeast and Soy protein complex for cellular longevity. The results are spectacular on wrinkles, firmness, radiance, density and hydration to preserve the skin’s youthful appearance and beauty. From the first few applications, lines are smoothed, skin is plumped and durably moisturized. Signs of fatigue are reduced. After 4 weeks, wrinkles are visibly reduced, the face recovers the firmness, density and radiance of more youthful skin. After 8 weeks, the skin glows. It is restructured deep down, regenerated from the inside. Perceived aging has visibly diminished.Sisleya-LIntegrale-Anti-Age-luxury

It’s Key Ingredients…

For Energy: Persian Acacia extract promotes optimal energy production at the cellular level, to help protect and repair skin damage caused by cellular fatigue.

For Longevity: Yeast and soy protein complex helps protect the telomeres (Telomeres play a role of protecting the DNA and also protect the ends of the chromosome) and maintains the integrity of the cellular DNA against behavioural ageing. 

For Rhythm: Lindera Extract helps to resynchronise the skin’s biorhythms, therefore helps the skin restore the activity of the cellular metabolism of younger skin.

You can visit the brand official website for more information and to discover as well all the range: 

Sisley dedication to the beauty and the youth of your skin is absolute. They have taken the very best that nature and technology have to offer and put them into a pot of beauty cream care. Each formula is at the state of the art and only by the long list of amazing ingredients you can really judge the amazing work they are doing. Now that we are finally out of the winter you might want to have a close look into your skin so that you will have a great summer season.

José Amorim


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