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this week I tried the new Sisley Cosmetic product for men: SISLEŸUM. As I explained in a previous post, Sisley is launching their first Global Revitalizer to fight skin aging process.

sisleyum by sisley

So I kindly got the product this week in order to try it. I would start by saying Sisley is an incredible brand. They manage to keep a great luxury, high end sophistication with the natural beauty of ingredients.

And Sisleÿum is definitely about capitalizing on Sisley Know-how into a great cosmetic product for men. The message is simple as striking. If you, Men, are looking for one single product, that you can use in the morning and in the evening or even as an Aftershave, here is what you need.

Let’s start with the most important thing, the FORMULA. Sisleÿum formula is a cream (there is also a Gel version) with an interesting Plant natural complex blended with key minerals. When Reading the INCI formula we can spot out the following main ingredients.
In terms of plants we can spot out the White Horehound, Sunflower extract, Shea Butter, Olive extract, Rose, Physalis, Pansy, Sea Alga, White Willow, Rosemary and Sage. This natural complex is a beautiful state of art in the mastery of essential oils and natural extracts. It is the perfect balanced between anti-oxydant, anti-aging and revitalizing the skin. Sisley added 4 minerals: Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Magnesium. Brilliant formula, rich and complete.

In terms of SCENT, it is very modern and “cosmetic” at the same time. Most of Men’s products always have these oldy men’s scent, very aromatic and green… here we have a sparkling bright and fresh spicy note, like Ginger, blended with some citrus notes and a hint of Rosemary and Sage. Very, elegant, masculine and gives you the “feeling good-smelling good” effect.

sisleyum formulaThe FEELING in your skin is very pleasant. It softens your skin, unify the skin texture and helps you with the small rinkles. If you shave, and trust me this is sometimes a tricky point, you can use it as an Aftershave. Brillant.

In terms of PACKAGING, it is a beautiful product, that could make your partner purely jealous. It is very qualitative, masculine and also with clever features. the outer box reveals a beautiful white gold colour. When you open the box, you see the Armors of the Ornanosisleyum by sisleyfamily, so classy. Then, you get a beautiful, handy flacon, very masculine with a very interesting feature : a cream level window on the side, so you know how much you still have in it. If I may bring a small critic, I would say the “mirror” effect on the flacon takes all fingerprints on it, special if you are using the cream. So, after a while it gets a little dirty. So perhaps a less shiny aspect would keep it from doing that. But you can definitely be proud to have in on a shelf in your bathroom or bedroom.

In terms of price. In deed it is a high price but frankly it deserves it. The formula and the packaging bring this product as one of the best male grooming product in the market today.

Would i buy it personally? Yes. What do you think? Check the dedicated website for more information: