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It’s no myth that the well-rounded man lives a well-rounded lifestyle. Increasingly, men are investing more in themselves, including their looks and lifestyle, and there’s no longer any taboo or judgment around men’s health and wellness goals. So what are the steps every man should follow for the ultimate luxury health and wellness routine: does it really involve skincare, can you really work hard and play hard and stay looking young, and what does it take to be a silver fox? Keep reading if you want to find out more about the luxury health and wellness products, and procedures, that truly pay back.

Maximizing your workout: get out of the gym sometimes

Gone are the days where in order to be seen as masculine, you need to be seen pumping weights in the gym. More and more men are opting for strong but lean physiques, rather than a shape that would make a 90s pro wrestler jealous. Not to say there’s anything wrong with big muscles, but a well-tailored suit certainly looks more svelte on a balanced figure.

Your best bet is to speak with a personal trainer at your gym and share your body ambitions with them, as they can provide expert advice and training plans for you to follow. It may be that a dynamic approach, with a combination of aerobic, weight-based, and stretching disciplines will get you towards your target. Modern men are looking to all sorts of forms of exercise to stay in shape. You probably wouldn’t be the only guy in yoga class, and even if you were, that’s not a bad thing!


Men can get pampered too

You don’t need to sneak uses of your girlfriend’s moisturizer anymore, as there are plenty of skincare regimes on the market designed specifically for male skin, and they don’t come in feminine looking bottles either. If you respect your skin, you’ll work hard to keep it looking healthy; drink water, cleanse and moisturize at the very least.

If you’re the kind of guy who still gets his haircut at a cheap barber, maybe you should rethink how you spend your money. Hair is one of the first things that women notice about men, so a well-styled haircut can really make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re coming to an age where your hair is thinning or turning gray, the most dignified thing you can do is go with it. If you dye your hair too dark, it’ll look obvious. Embrace your silver hair, wear it with pride, or consider a shorter style, especially if your hair is beginning to thin.

Be dressed to kill


Not literally, of course, but in the same way, Daniel Craig brought strong masculine style to Bond, invest in your wardrobe to show your prowess. If you’re somewhat lost when it comes to personal style, ask the advice of a friend, or consider using a personal stylist in a leading department store. You don’t need to spend hundreds, in fact, a wardrobe built around just a few key and quality items has more impact than a greater number of cheap t-shirts and ill-fitting jeans. After all, it should always be quality over quantity. As a general rule, all men should own at least one white, and one colored, button-down shirt and a pair of formal shoes. No, it is never okay to attend a wedding or formal event in sneakers.

Maintaining optimal sexual health

It’s never been sexy to have bad sexual health, and you know the importance of having regular check-ups and asking the same of any sexual partners. Did you know, though, that you can improve your stamina and strength in the bedroom, through your gym routine? Exercises like push-ups and the plank can increase arm strength, to help in missionary positions, while squats can make your orgasms more intense. To add strength and size to your body where a gym routine can’t, look no further than this pump.

Food and drink: when, what and why

While it’s true that men require a higher calorie intake per day than women, you shouldn’t use this fact as an excuse to overeat on junk food, chasing after any old calories. You should aim to link your food plan to your body goals. If you’re looking to bulk up, consume more nutrient-dense, high-protein foods like lean beef and eggs. Once again, it’s best to seek expert advice; these days you can find plenty of meal plans online, along with cooking tips and exercise routines.

If we’re speaking about a balanced lifestyle, then we need to approach the concept of ‘work hard, play hard’ and certainly going out with friends and partying is a great way to de-stress and keep morale high. However, if you know you’re prone to weight gain, try to avoid overly fattening alcoholic drinks such as beer or sweet cocktails. Spirits and mixers, such as whiskey soda, taste good, have a high alcohol content but don’t pile on the pounds in the same way. It’s good to know you have more low-calorie options than weak percentage beer. Overdoing it though, and waking up the next day with a hangover, is highly likely to derail your health and wellness plan. Try to recreate your favorite hangover cure, with a few adaptions. If, for you, nothing cures a hangover like bacon then go for low fat, uncured rashers cooked in the oven and then serve in wholemeal bread.

In conclusion: balance is key

As with everything in life, you have to take the highs with the lows and the good with the bad. Balance is paramount to an effective health and wellness routine. If you go in too hard on cutting back on nights out, you’ll probably never keep the routine going. Find an approach that makes you feel and look good, and then try to stick with it. Try to always forgive yourself for minor wrongdoings and for falling off the wagon every now and then.


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