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The loss of youth and the aging process fills many people with a sense of dread; the physical changes experienced – such as going gray, wrinkles, and an increased number of health conditions – can leave some to feel that they are seeing a stranger whenever they look in the mirror. However, the process of aging should be looked upon as a privilege that not everyone enjoys and, with a few added personal care tips, it is possible for you to age gracefully and confidently. Here are three personal maintenance tips to keep you looking your best as you get older.

Regular visits to the hair salon

A good haircut can frame the face and bring out your best features. This haircut should then be maintained with a trim every six weeks or so to remove any split ends and stop the hair from becoming overgrown and straggly. You may have decided to dye your hair to cover up any tell-tale grays. If so, be aware that there may come a point when, paired with an older face, dyed hair in fact makes you look older. Don’t be afraid to be gray – gray and salt-and-pepper hair can look beautiful and distinguished, and a good hairdresser will help you to transition from dyed hair to your natural silver locks. 

Have regular eye tests 

You should have an eye test on at least a yearly basis, even if you have previously had 20-20 vision; however, with various eye conditions being associated with age, it is even more important that you do so as you get older. In addition to an increased chance of the development of long- and short-sightedness, cataracts are a common problem found in people aged over 65. These are a clouding of the optical lens, affecting vision and causing such symptoms as blurred vision and a difficulty in seeing in bright or dim light. An optician will be able to identify a cataract at its early stage of development. When ‘ripened’, they can be easily treated with an operation to replace the clouded optical lens with a high quality artificial lens, such as a Panoptix lens, to help restore your sight.

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Relearn how to do your makeup 

Applying your makeup using the same methods and colors as in your 20s when you are in your 40s and 50s can have the effect of making you look older and dated. Certain finishes, such as glitter, can settle into wrinkles and emphasise them, and as your hair and skin coloring changes slightly as you get older, you might find that the colors that suited you in your youth now give you either a stark or washed out appearance. There are plenty of guides online showing you how to apply makeup on older skin compiled by experienced makeup artists, and you can even book an appointment with a beauty professional to get personal advice and a makeup application lesson. 

There you have it, three top tips to help you experience the privilege of aging, with grace and dignity.

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