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CHANEL: The Holiday 2021 Collection N°5

CHANEL unveils its 2021 HOLIDAY COLLECTION around its most iconic fragrance, N°5. Discover the extraordinary items composing this holiday season collection.

Hermès New Nail Polish Collection: Beauty Speaks With The Hands!

Hermès is launching a new nail line called Les Mains Hermès. It is elegant, sexy and tremendously modern. Read our full review here.

BLEU DE CHANEL – The Art Of Shaving.

Discover the new BLEU DE CHANEL Shaving kit. For a perfect and safe shaving. The shaving cream and the shaving brush are perfect companions for men.

Sisley Le Sculpteur – Intense Contouring care

Sisley launches a new innovative contouring care called Le Sculpteur. A new approach of your body as the vehicle of your energy and vitality. Full Review here.

Three personal maintenance tips to keep you looking your best as you get older

The loss of youth and the aging process fills many people with a sense of dread; the physical changes experienced – such as going gray, wrinkles, and an increased number of health...

3 Tips For Planning A Relaxing Luxury Spa Break

As of October 2020, luxury spa hotels in Switzerland have been charging an estimated price of $189, however, the typical cost is about $290, according to Tripadvisor. If you’re looking for a new way...

How To Create Luxurious-Looking Waves On Your Hair

One of the best ways to look effortlessly beautiful is to have luxurious-looking waves. This fresh and romantic hairstyle is a staple for many because it adds definition and life to dull...

How To Keep Your Skin Elegant Looking

Most people want their skin to be clean and nice, and even though there are several different products on the market that will keep your skin looking nice, some of them aren’t...

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