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The world is filled with an abundance of medical centers who all compete to provide excellent healthcare services. However, there are a select few who provide a much higher quality of service to individuals who are willing to pay extra to be seen by a doctor of nursing practice. These facilities also utilize the latest equipment and offer luxurious amenities that you wouldn’t be able to find at a typical healthcare center. In this post, we’re going to take a look at five of the most luxurious health care centers on earth.

1) Diamond Physicians

Diamond Physicians are described as being one of the leading luxury health care service providers in America. Unlike many health care centers, they charge a flat monthly fee, which is separate from what their patients have to pay to be seen by a physician. However, unlike most centers, they limit the amount of patients that they take in per year to 600 patients only. They proclaim that by doing this, it gives the physicians the time they need to focus all their attention on each individual patient, which leads to a higher quality of service.


2) Clinique La Prairie

Clinique La Prairie is a famous healthcare center, which has been in establishment for approximately 80 years. Many patients describe the setting of this health care center as being somewhat retro/sci fi. However, the healthcare center primarily deals with providing “rejuvenation” treatments and have proclaimed that many of the world’s wealthiest people visit them on a yearly basis.


3) Elite Health

The headquarters of Elite Health is located in Miami Beach and features the latest in laboratory equipment, diagnostic tools as well as specialists who all have their doctorate in nursing practice, some of whom got their DNP online through an online university such as Bradley University. Individuals who are willing to pay extra for a more luxurious healthcare experience, stand to receive luxurious amenities that you typically wouldn’t find at a local health care center, as well as the opportunity to be seen by world-renowned doctors, some of whom have actually pioneered the latest innovations in medicine.

4) Lanserhof Luxury Health Center

The Lanserhof Luxury Health Center is located in Austria. The company proclaims that besides the fact that their patients will be simply amazed at the visually appealing aspects of the architecture of the facility, they will also gain the opportunity to experience the highest medical competence, through a staff of therapists, specialist and doctors. The facility itself also offers amenities such as a detox center, mind and health programs, spas, a Swedish massage center, yoga, energy therapy, tai chi/qi gong and life executive coaching.


5) Forest Park Medical Center

Forest Park Medical Center is described as being one of the most luxurious and beautiful medical centers in the world. This medical center recently expanded and offers improved, state of the art amenities. The interior portion of the facility includes a modern lounge area, floor to ceiling glass walls and an auditorium-style seating setup. Interestingly enough, this medical center also features several restaurants on the exterior portions of it, a drive thru banking location and several retail opportunities as well.


Many people assume that luxurious medical centers that charge a higher fee, only provide amenities that you wouldn’t find at other medical centers. While it may be true that these types of medical centers offer some impressive, luxurious amenities, they also feature the latest equipment and limit the amount of patients they take in per year which allows for a higher quality of service.


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