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Anyone who follows beauty in the least will tell you trends are always changing. There’s always some new game-changing ingredient or new technique every makeup artist on YouTube is trying and styles that fluctuate with the season. At LuxuryActivist we have been paying careful attention to the beauty trends of 2018, and there’s one common theme that hasn’t let up and shows no sign of slowing down. That trend is going au naturel. We’re talking stripped down essentials that reveal simple beauty. Here are three ways the au naturel trend is taking the beauty industry by storm.

Handcrafted Skincare


Forget about the chemical-laced products created in a lab. Today, more people are reaching for skincare products made by a person using natural, organic ingredients. Companies like Zoetic that handcraft their skin concoctions are gaining a lot of momentum as consumers yearn for products that not only have natural ingredients but are made naturally.

It’s partially a continuum of our shying away from mass production and also the result of a barrage of studies that question the safety of man-made ingredients. Many of those ingredients seemed to be okay, but now the long-term use of parabens, sulfates and the like could be more detrimental than anticipated. Worse still is that many of those unnatural ingredients don’t have skin benefits. They are typically added to improve shelf-life or act as a preservative.

The concern is great enough to cause many beauty mavens (and cosmetic manufacturers) to take a step back and reevaluate what they’re using. For most, the answer is products that are naturally produced and closer to beauty products that have been smoothing skin for centuries.

Natural Looking Makeup


Have you noticed that there’s far less emphasis on contouring and over-the-top makeup these days? The trend now is to create a natural look with makeup that seems to barely cover the skin. It’s what some beauty insiders are referring to as “baby skin.” As in, fresh skin that seems to glow on its own.

The modern spin on the fresh “natural” face focused on full brows that aren’t solidly blocked in, a hint of bronzer to make skin look sun-kissed without being covered and setting sprays that leave a dewy sheen. Not surprisingly, moisturizing primers are quickly replacing full-on foundation. It’s more about embracing your natural beauty than trying to carve out features you don’t actually have. After all, if you’re going to spend time and money perfecting your skin you might as well show it off.

Natural tones and colors are also all the rage from shadows to lip glosses. In fact, clear and nude glosses are selling big since it compliments the trend towards natural skin.

All About Hydration, Vitamins, and Minerals

For so many years we’ve been focused on what we slather on our skin, it seems we forgot that what’s inside really counts. There’s been a huge movement in the beauty industry towards products that are ingested to reveal beautiful skin from the inside out.

It’s an idea that makes total sense. When your body lacks vital hydration and nutrients, your skin is going to pay the price. And if you think you’re not malnourished, you may need to track your consumption a little more carefully. Most Americans don’t get enough key nutrients in their daily diet. Even a common anti-aging nutrient like fiber is under-consumed by the majority of adults.

But don’t worry. The beauty industry now has an arsenal of nutrient-rich waters, liquid additives, and supplements that feed your skin. Antioxidant water boosters are one of the hottest natural beauty trends right now. Not only does it encourage people to guzzle down more water, these products promise to deliver skin-saving nutrients that are absorbed at a higher rate.

Overall, beauty supplements are set to become a big business. A recent study from Research and Markets estimates that the global beauty supplement market will grow to $7.1 billion by 2023.

The moral of the story is that if you’re trying to improve the look of your skin, the trend is to go natural all around from the inside out. If nothing else, products that put an emphasis on natural beauty will at least help you make healthier choices about your skincare routine.

Liz Becker

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