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Lighting in a house, or apartment, is important. Not only to see clearly, which will not surprise you, but for a decorative function. If one is supposed to have a well-lighted interior, better to have beautiful lamps. A task for which a specific brand stands out, Artemide.

Artemide has been a world leader in the lighting industry for decades. Besides their desire to produce quality lighting with unapologetic design, Artemide’s values prioritise the wellbeing of people.  Artemide’s philosophy is to transform light with the aim of improving the quality of life. Paying particular attention to the environment, the company designs products that respect it, with optimal luminous rendering and minimal resource consumption. Many retailers, such as LampCommerce, offer a wide range of luxury lightings’ brands, including Artemide!

The Artemide Lamps

On an international scale, Artemide lamps are considered masterpieces in the field of contemporary design. Artemide lamps are displayed in various contemporary art museums within the design collections. Examples of these include the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, or the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica in Milan.


Located in the municipality of Pregnana Milanese, the Artemide Group has an impressive presence in international distribution. Artemide works in constant relation with many architects and designers of reputation, giving birth to their beautiful and original designs. Artemide contributed to the history of design with products such as Eclisse (by Vico Magistretti, 1967), Tolomeo (by Michele de Lucci and Giancarlo Fassima, 1989) and Pipe (by Herzog and De Meuron, in 2004), all presented at the “Compasso d’Oro” event. Moreover, in 1994 Artemide received the Italian Industrial Design award (el Compasso d’Oro), and, in 1997, the European Design Prize.

Possessing an Artemide lamp is as much of a proof of taste as it is of a critical sense of art. If Artemide remains expensive, it is the price of design and ingenuity that is paid for. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that Artemide works only with architects of international reputation, owning an Artemide lamp remains a very good investment. Here is a list of some of my favourite lamps, which will fit perfectly well in most of the rooms of your flat or your house!


Born fifty years ago, the Nesso lamp signed by Giancarlo Mattioli has seen many lives. Cousin of the creation of Eero Saarinen, she is the Italian star of the plastic years. At the dawn of the emergence of Radical Design, Italian design of the 60’s still pays tribute to functional aesthetics – il bel design –, result of the collaboration of industrials and architects. A member of the Città Nuova group, the architect Giancarlo Mattioli, sketches the curves of a lamp, the Nesso Lamp, using new synthetic materials. While the “Pipistrello” is inspired by the bat, the profile of this lamp resembles a mushroom. But the story also says that its voluptuous and airy lampshade is inspired by the navel of a pretty woman… His lamp is renamed “Nesso”, which, in Italian, means the tie, the cord!

How not to be fan of this Artemide Tolomeo lamp? Impossible, the sober but refined design of Michele de Lucchi, and the great variety in models will ensure you are. The Tolomeo collection allows you to illuminate interiors. It includes table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling lights, as well as outdoor lightings. An exclusive model is currently available: the Artemide Tolomeo Micro LED lamp, in limited edition.


The Eclisse lamp, invented by Vico Magistretti in 1967, is a flagship product of the Artemide house, a must-see best-seller that finds its place among amateurs and collectors, as well as in major contemporary art museums. The diffuser of this lamp is composed of two open varnished metal spheres; the inner globe reveals or conceals the light source by sliding, just as a solar eclipse.


Article written by Max Lami

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