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Bang & Olufsen is an amazing brand. In the highly competitive high-tech market, very few brands achieve more than the pure technique. While many brands will focus on technical specs only and hundreds of explanations and accessories, Bang & Olufsen is a state of the art. Each single details is taken in consideration with great care. Each material, shape, color and textures blend perfectly in order to propose the ideal product of its category.

Bang & Olufsen is a Danish consumer electronics company that designs and manufactures audio products, television sets, and telephones. It was founded in 1925 by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, whose first significant product was a radio that worked with alternating current at a time when most radios were run on batteries.

In 2004, the company opened a factory in the Czech Republic where it employs approximately 250 staff producing mainly audio products. B&O has a distinctive design appeal that Wired described as “quality media delivery via striking objects”. Their work with radios and loudspeakers led them to value high fidelity musical reproduction uninfluenced by technological limitations; in Danish Ærlig musikgengivelse, meaning “honest music reproduction”. To this end, psychoacoustics was important to designing and testing B&O products. Here are two amazing must-have products that you need to get as soon as possible. They are stylish with a great sense of quality and has all the best Bang & Olufsen can offer.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A2, mobility and high-fidelity with loads of style.



Nothing carries emotion quite like music. Basically, it is the soundtrack to our lives. Bring the A2 anywhere to boost your party-mood, bring you from minor to major or just dwell on melancholy for a little while. A2 was designed for a life on the go, and portability has influenced every aspect of the speaker design – from the flat body and long battery life, to the interchangeable leather strap. Just as the short leather strap is ideal for carrying A2 or hanging it on the wall, the long leather strap allows you to wear A2 cross-body, making it even more portable for longer trips – and turning it into a unique part of your wardrobe.

BeoPlay2-model-men-hipster BeoPlay2-model-men

The amazing beauty of a Bang & Olufsen product is also due to the cutting edge design. They are products made to live in your life, which means to adapt completely to your lifestyle. The beauty of technology is when you cannot see it anymore. And in terms of technology, the Danish company knows a lot about it. Check here more information about this amazing product.

Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless streaming · 1 x line-in for MP3 player or mobile device · 1 x USB connection for charging your device while playing music ·1 x DC power input

180 W peak power provided by 2×30 W digital class D amplifiers · 2×3” full-range drivers · 2 x 3/4′ tweeters · 2×3” passive bass radiators · Cabinet principle: Balanced passive bass radiators

Rechargeable Li-ion battery with up to 24 hours* of playback.
*Battery life when playing at moderate listening level.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8, probably one of the best headphones in the market.

In 1978, Bang & Olufsen launched their first headphones. It was the U70. Most of today’s headphones brands started their businesses recently. Bang & Olufsen is one of the few brands with such a great history, background and know-how in audio accessories. All principles introduced decades ago to build the best headphones possible, were constantly reviewed in order to develop even further the legacy of the brand.



Here we highlight one of the recent launches, called the BeoPlay H8. With this new headphone, Bang & Olufsen made a serious step into the Bluetooth headphone segment. It is definitely a hot trend and several brands entered this new era of wireless devices. Unfortunately we might lose music quality because of the technology. Bang & Olufsen definitely lifted the technology up in order to bring you the best audio experience possible. And the result is astonishing. The BeoPlay H8 has a Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX codec that gives you uncompromising sound, whether listening to music or talking on the phone.


An intuitive touch interface gives you full control of all functionality. Turn your music on and off, answer calls, switch Active Noise Cancellation on and off, and much more, all at your fingertips. Carefully selected high quality cow leather makes BeoPlay H8 both stylish & luxurious. Also, everyday wear and tear merely add patina, and BeoPlay H8 ages beautifully. he softness of the lambskin on the ear pads makes BeoPlay H8 a pleasure to wear. The memory foam inside the ear pads adapts ensuring great comfort.


In terms of technical specs, Bang & Olufsen proposes a state of art in terms of wireless headphones. The active noise cancellation is an amazing technology that will invite you to a magnificent experience away from the city daily noises.  Here are some of the technical specs that will definitely convince you about the BeoPlayH8:

Dynamic 40 · mm diameter

Electret type

20 Hz to 22,000 Hz

Replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
· Capacity 800 mA
· Up to 14 hours with Bluetooth and ANC
· Up to 16 hours with Bluetooth
· Up to 35 hours with ANC
· Charging time 3 hours

3.5 mm mini-jack connection in touch panel

Bluetooth 4.0 · aptX · AAC · Headset Profile (HSP)
Hands Free Profile (HFP)
Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

If you wish to learn more about Bang & Olufsen, do not hesitate to connect to the brand official website here : 

In terms of Audio and visual experience, Bang & Olufsen is an amazing brand in which every single detail is taken care with the most amazing quality and edgy design. Every year the Danish brand amazes us with incredible products.



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