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If you think everything was invented in terms of mattress and sleep business, wait until you meet eve Sleep. For a very long time, good mattresses have been sold through expensive stores at massively inflated prices. That is why eve was created. A simple, beautiful mattress, available to everyone at a surprisingly fair price.

Eve Sleep, A Modern Story In The Air Of Times

Eve-sleep-team-jas-bagniewski Eve Sleep believes that good sleep and great starts are too important to be elitist. For too long, mattresses have been sold through expensive stores at massively inflated prices. So the brand set out to create eve. We had the chance to interview Jas Bagniewski, the company Co-Founder and CEO. You can read the exclusive interview here:
The management team at eve spent 12 years between them developing mattresses and selling them all over the world. 70,000 mattresses later, they arrived at the most comfortable mattresses ever made: the signature eve mattress and the hybrid pocket sprung mattress. It is all about a new generation of memory foam. It distributes pressure evenly, resulting in an incredibly supportive and comfortable sleeping surface. However, eve Sleep learned that customers often found memory foam too hot and unresponsive. So they have used new generation foams in the eve that sleep cooler and offer more bounce. You just need to try it, which we did at LuxuryActivist.


Eve Sleep, The Product Test by

For the first time in my life I ordered a mattress online. Is it strange? Well for such an important item, it is… Generally you take a day off or sacrifice your Saturday afternoon to go to the store, try out different mattresses, probably in more than one day. Once you have made your mind, you generally ask for a delivery because carrying yourself the entire thing is not really an obvious thing to do. Being an experienced online business, everything is taken care of in order to help you make the choice. In any case, the brand offers to try it out at no cost. So why would you hesitate right? In any case the Customer service of the brand really listen and in case of any problem they will replace, refund or answer any question you might have. My understanding is that there are no hidden conditions, no unclear relationship. In today’s world this is exactly what we expect from an online brand. If they believe their product is good, everything should be fine. So we ordered a 140×200 mattress and some bed sheets. eve Sleep have linen sheets and I realized I never had sheets made of linen. So I was curious to try.

Eve Sleep, It All Start With The Delivery

The delivery came from Germany. Living in Switzerland it was a much easier and closer distribution center. The delivery company brought safely my mattress. The bed sheets came in a different delivery. I was not at home, so they just dropped the sheets in a distribution store 10mn away from my place. When I got the mattress, I was happily surprised to see how small the delivery packaging was. eve Sleep placed the entire mattress in a vacuum pouch, so it would take the minimal space in transportation. The package was heavy (a big mattress thought) but with the shape of the box and the strategic holes on it, I could quite easy take it. Once I opened it, the mattress started to “grow” and retrieve its original shape and size. It was quite an enjoyable moment to see it grow.







Eve Sleep, Discovering The Mattress

Getting a mattress online was a quite exciting experience. I just realized how much time I saved compared to an usual off-line buying. With the mattress installed, I got interested to its structure and how it was built. We can see it is a very technical mattress, with different layers. Each one of these layers has a specific functionality and the whole put together offers you a good sleep. So I opened the mattress to see inside. And I must confess I was impressed.



First things first: The cover. The mattress cover function is moisture-wicking and breathable, so it will keep you cool. The white top panel is removable with one easy zip, which as you may imagine is perfect as you can wash it in machine (40 degrees). According to the brand, the yellow part of the panel is not washable, which is fine as it is not in contact with your body.
Just after the cover there is the eve comfort® foam layer. It is a quite high-tech element of the mattress. It provides a better bounce to combat the sinking feeling. It is also a new generation of foam structure that ensures a long-lasting comfort. This type of foam is, according to the brand, thirty times more breathable than conventional memory foam. It is also supposed to dissipate body heat for a cooler night. Under the eve comfort® layer, there is an important layer: The memory foam layer. It is an open-cell structure that provides a cooler flow of air. It looks like a cloud-like foam that responds directly to your body. Associated to a good mattress base it occupies a role of pressure-relieving to give your body the required support. Under the memory foam layer, there is the massive supportive base. eve Sleep brought to its iconic mattress a superior quality for a long-term use. It was tested to support all body types. Then, under the top cover, last detail in the mattress structure: the anti-slip base. It might sound a detail, but there is nothing more annoying than a mattress that does not stay still. The brand guarantees a durable fabric with an anti-slip coating inherently fire retardant.

Eve Sleep, the bedding


Now that we have analyzed the mattress, we need to properly dress it up. I was really happy to being able to try for the first time linen sheets. I liked the noble look of it, the texture, the contact with the skin. It is really enjoyable to feel a different natural material, other than cotton. All the linen sheets and pillow clothe are made in Portugal, where they have a long time know-how in linen, cotton and bed clothe in general. It is quite enjoyable to being able to buy products that are made in Western Europe.


Now you know my experience in buying a mattress online for the first time. Do not hesitate to visit the brand official website here:  to discover more about their products.
Sleep well!

José Amorim

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