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If you are among countless homeowners who are simply tired of looking at the same old, same old, it’s probably time you did something about it. While you could always move to a new location, that may not solve all your woes. After all, you have a small fortune invested in your property and this is the neighborhood you have grown comfortable in. You know your neighbors, the kids aren’t ready to move to a new school and quite frankly, you may not even have the budget to buy the house of your dreams. So why not simply remodel the home you’re in?

If boredom has you down in the dumps, why not give your home a breath of fresh air with interior design inspired by nature? There’s just something awe inspiring when you think about what it would be like to live under the stars with lush vegetation and earthy colors surrounding you. You can have that same effect right here in your very own home with just a bit of planning and a few well-placed interior design tips.


Avoid Manmade Materials

Wherever and whenever possible, avoid the use of manmade materials. Opt for wood or natural stone tile for flooring, natural fibers for furniture and why not create a totally outdoorsy look with table ornaments made from stone, clay and wood? By using only natural materials incorporated into your design you will create a look that is as close as you can get to nature without living out on the lawn.

Design One Wall with a Floor to Ceiling Mural

Some homeowners have hired artists to paint a mural on one wall that will, for the most part, remain unobstructed from view. Have a scene created that shows a magnificent waterfall, a forest with tall trees and little creatures peeking out or even a meadow with spring blossoms. If you have the fresco designed in your great room why not buy the best indoor grill that is safe for use indoors without all that smoke from barbequing and complete the ‘feel’ with a family picnic without leaving the comfort of home?

Let an Abundance of Natural Light In

If you are looking to get a ‘real feel’ of nature, let an abundance of natural light in your home. Add skylights if at all possible, big picture windows and sliding glass doors if you have a wall that will support them. Remember, even during the dark days of winter there is something about natural sunlight that just can’t be duplicated with artificial lighting.

Remodeling your home with a feel of the great outdoors will give your home a unique appeal unlike any in your neighborhood. Not only can you enjoy the new look but you can invite friends and family over. Some homeowners go so far as to have a picnic instead of a traditional meal for their house (redecorating) warming party. It may take a while to accomplish the entire makeover but once it’s complete you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this years ago.

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