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There are people that rather than seeking the cheapest costs ever to build their businesses, they feel responsible for their actions and try hard to create jobs and added-value in their countries. When was the last time you bought a Made in USA product? Exactly, it’s been a while. This can change with KeySmart. Discover this amazing company which product will change your life, or at least the way you keep your keys. Above all: it is all hand made in Chicago – USA. Well done.


Michael Tunney, founder, explain in the following video how smart the idea about the KeySmart is and how this clever object can be integrated in your lifestyle.

This amazing clever little object has a huge idea behind. The principle is to organize all your keys in a compact, useful and stylish way. All your keys can finally be organized in a very compact way, perfect for your purse, trouser’s front pocket or simply in your hand.
As explained above, KeySmart is very proud to say that their product is Made in USA. Here is also a video about how they product the Key Smart product.

There is a lot of similitudes with the famous Swiss Army Knife, produced by Victorinox. The idea of aligning different tools, here of course we are talking about keys, it is a very clever way to facilitate your life in a daily base. Here is another video showing how to build your KeySmart. Easy, ingenious and simple to use on a daily base.

LuxuryActivist got one KeySmart and here is the review of the product with our photos.


The first striking aspect of the KeySmart is the simplicity of the system. Only a couple of pieces, very well manufactured and the system is pretty intuitive.



So used my Swiss Army Knife to open the 2 screws and insert the keys. Once the pieces apart, we can appreciate the quality of a simple well done qualitative work. Everything was smooth and gentle. Different pieces allow to organize the different keys and to make sure everything will work without any efforts. In case you have several keys, you can add an extra kit with extension pieces. The nice thing of this system is that you can adapt your Key Smart the way you want. Thanks to this flexibility, your KeySmart can evolve in time.



At the end you get a great clever tool to organize your keys with a minimum space volume. It took only 5 minutes to build quite easy a personalized key holder. You will need to do it once and then you can improve it by playing with the different pieces, so you can align each key and have everything tight.


Here are other pictures from KeySmart that will give you an idea of the usage of this product. You will also see there are different colors and you can see some different displays.




Key-Smart-in-the-car Key-Smart-keys-open Key-Smart-usb

At the end, it is by far the clevest idea I saw in the past 5 years. Simple, practical, useful and clever. With Key Smart you will never loose a key and everything will be well kept. Please connect to the official website and discover more about the extraordinary universe of KeySmart:

Cleverness made in USA.



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