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LuxuryActivist is always looking for new brands and new artists to share. This month, we are happy to discover NOMADOUS, a new Portuguese luxury design brand created in 2016 by two young female entrepreneurs who are passionate about exclusive design, luxury interiors and travelling. With its roots in Portugal, the brand spreads all over the world by getting inspired by the most remarkable and diverse landmarks, people, nature and cultures. Nomadous is a luxury furniture design brand which intends to epitomize the world through unique design pieces. We see the world as an endless source of inspiration and our pieces reflect the most iconic landmarks, remarkable people, varied cultures and breath taking nature elements.  Nomadous was born in Portugal but it is not fixed in one place as it belongs to the world!

Nomadous proposes a variety of styles, materials and finishes. It gathers several artisans who put into practice what they have learned from generations f wood working mastery. This unique design approach resulted in a first collection of five pieces with different typologies, materials, finishes and techniques. The inspiration comes from the most different places, from Alberta Canada to the Zulu tribe in South Africa or Paris in France, resulting in very different pieces. With such a variety of backgrounds, the collection is so versatile that it can fit in any interior decoration.

  • Manuel Sideboard
  • Lwazi Folding screen
  • Chloe dining table
  • Sophia console
  • François Chest Drawers





The founders , Liliana Silva (26 year old) and Marlene Alves (28 years old), were born and raised in Portugal – Porto. Both have a similar background in Business Sciences (Marketing and Business Communication), a wide experience in customer service, a global knowledge of the luxury market and the dream of being recognized by the brand’s exclusive design pieces. Nomadous was created by the founders with the intention to interpret the world through their unique lens and join together their passion for subjects as different as art, travel, design and luxury in a new and innovative way. Thus, providing the most demanding clients with the perfect solutions for their most exclusive interior projects. This is very relevant today in the Design industry and only brands that would understand the importance of the customer expectations, that will win the day.

It is not surprising that Portugal has such tremendous talents in Design. In deed, the country was always the cross-road of different cultures. In Portugal history, they had great explorers and navigators who, by daring crossing the seas, brought back amazing richness of materials, objects, people and techniques. Also, the arabic occupation centuries ago, left amazing craftsmanship techniques and unique shapes and materials. Portugal continues to explore all these thanks to their youth. Young people are conscious of their country heritage and wish to use the legacy to build the future. This is one of the foundations of Nomadous. Portugal has a strong cultural heritage when it comes to wood working so of course the brand take advantage of that. In the end Nomadous mostly use wood carving and faceting, marquetry, gilding and high gloss varnishing, with a modern twist.
Portugal has a long-time tradition of exotic wood and metal usage, dating back from the Discoveries Era, when they had strong connections with countries like Brazil and India where many exotic materials come from. The brand revisit those roots and bring it to the present through amazing pieces. The usage of such rare and noble finishes adds value to the proposed pieces which represents another reason for them to be included in any type of interior project.

The name of the brand, Nomadous, also translates this philosophy of travels and how to be inspired by countries with their richness and heritage in design and craftsmanship. By launching this first collection with 5 different pieces inspired by five different places around the world, Liliana Silva and Marlene Alves set the tone of their brand. After that, the following pieces can only be interesting.

To see more about this very promising brand, please connect to the official website and look for more information:

The “Made in Portugal” is a strong powerful statement when it comes to manufacturing furniture and interior design. For many years Italy and Germany would lead design, each one on their own style. Now, it is the time for Portugal to shine and to take over the design world. Only good things will happen. When passion meets history and design, only masterpieces can be the result.

José Amorim


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