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Parvez Taj, canadian artist, has released a collection of 50 artworks called the white Barn Collection. A series of hanging wall art pieces using reclaimed wood siding scored from white barns around the country. These barns were built from the mid 1800’s through the early 1900’s.  The siding varies by age, exposure to weather and wood type as most were built utilizing the stands of wood closest to the structure.


Parvez philosophy is to make Art accessible. He uses water paints, photographs, UV cured inks and even computer softwares. This makes him quite unique on his style. In 2003, he founded Parvez Michel, Inc, an art design company that produces artwork and accessories for contemporary living.


The rich and varied history of the siding combined with their authenticity and product texture provided Parvez the inspiration to use his signature UV cured inks to create unique, eco-friendly art.  Each piece is hand signed by the artist and is mounted on a high quality wood frame.

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Here is some ambiance pictures that can give you an idea on how this interesting artwork can blend perfectly into your contemporary interior.


If you wish to learn more about Parvez Taj work, please visit the official website:

When a piece of history becomes a piece of Art…


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