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Flowers Are Eternal Inspirations in Art

Flowers have always been a true inspiration for artists in human history. Here is a complete flashback on the importance of flowers in arts and culture.

Exclusive Interview With Benjamin Arzoine – A Free Mind.

Discover our exclusive interview of Benjamin Arzoine. An independent artist, a free mind and a virtuoso in drawing.

Jessica Zoob’s PASSION.

Next month we will have the London Olympic games, so you will probably visit the british capital during that time. There is not only sports in live, art too. So if you...

Anyes Galleani, Urban Art meets luxury.

Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born artist & photographer based in Los Angeles. She uses photomontage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art. Raised on the beautiful Italian Riviera, Anyes moved...

Parvez Taj, The white Barn Collection

Parvez Taj, canadian artist, has released a collection of 50 artworks called the white Barn Collection. A series of hanging wall art pieces using reclaimed wood siding scored from white barns around the...

Stephanie Fonteyn, passion and color!

Stephanie Fonteyn is an English painter, living in Switzerland where she works. She grew in an artistic environment and start painting in 2002. She is a self-made Artist and Painter and we...

Catherine Bolle, Swiss artist.

Last friday Luxury Activist was invited to Catherine Bolle Vernissage. She is a Swiss artist, born in Lausanne where she still live and work. The Vernissage took place at Espace Arlaud, one...

Marina Abramović: The body as medium

Marina Abramović is a serbian artist based in new york. She has been very active since she started her career in the 70's. All her work is based on the relationship between Art and Performance.

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