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New York is known for its amazing skyline and all the Skyscrappers that shape the city in such distinctive way. Despite the fact it was Chicago who built the first skyscrapper in 1897 with its 12 floors, New York became in the beginning of the 20th century the world champion. Here are the 5 tallest buildings in New York, measured in a regular way, meaning no antennas.

New York, did you know…

New York is the biggest city in the US in terms of population. With its 8.5 million inhabitants, Big Apple (the city nicknamw is definitely a world capital. New York City traces its roots to its 1624 founding as a trading post by colonists of the Dutch Republic and was named New Amsterdam in 1626. That is why the city flag looks like this:
Home to the headquarters of the United Nations, New York is an important center for international diplomacy and has been described as the cultural and financial capital of the world. Without further wait, here are the 5 tallest buildings in New York city ranked from the tallest.

#1- One World, World Trade Center

After the September 11th tragedy, the World Trade Center was built up again. The One World tower is 541.3m / 1776 ft high and with its 104 floors is the tallest building of New York and the 4th tallest in the world. It is also the tallest All-office building in the all world. The construction was finished in 2014 and the Architects are David Childs and Daniel Libeskind.

#2- 432 Park Avenue

This building is the Tallest residential building in the world, 15th-tallest building in the world and 3rd-tallest building in the United States. Designed by Rafael Viñoly around what is described as “the purest geometric form: the square” and inspired by a trash can, the building holds 104 condominium apartments. Originally proposed to be 1,300 feet (396 m) in 2011, the construction began in 2012 and was completed in 2015. The building required the demolition of the 495-room Drake Hotel, which was built in 1926. In 2006, the hotel was sold for $440 million to developer Harry Macklowe, and the hotel was demolished the year afterward. The site became one of New York’s most valuable development sites due to its location, between East 56th and 57thStreets on the west side of Park Avenue.

#3- Empire State Building

Its name is derived from the nickname for New York, the Empire State. It stood as the world’s tallest building for nearly 40 years, from its completion in early 1931 until the topping out of the original World Trade Center’s North Tower in late 1970. With its 102 floors and 381m / 1250 ft high, it is the 25th-tallest building in the world, 5th-tallest in the United States; first building in the world to contain over 100 floors. The Architect agency: Shreve, Lamb and Harmon.

#4- Bank of America Tower

The amazing building of bank of America has 54 floors for 366m / 1200ft high. It is the 30th-tallest building in the world, 6th-tallest in the United States. The uniqueness of this building remains on the fact that it is the first skyscraper to receive a Platinum LEEDcertification (Leadership in energy and environment design). The building was built in 2009. The US$1 billion project was designed by COOKFOX Architects, and advertised to be one of the most efficient and ecologically friendly buildings in the world.

#5- The Chrysler Building

Built in 1930, the Chrysler building is the 9th-tallest in the United States. 319m / 1046 ft with 77 floors, it is the first building in the world to rise higher than 1,000 feet (305 m). It is the tallest steel-framed brick building in the world. At its completion, it overtook the Eiffel Tower as the world’s tallest man-made structure by Architect William Van Alen. The Chrysler Building is a classic example of Art Deco architecture and considered by many contemporary architects to be one of the finest buildings in New York City.

#5Bis- The New York Times building

Built in 2007, it is the 10th-tallest in the United States. 319m / 1046 ft with
52 floors, it is also known as the Times Tower. It is the first high-rise building in the United States to have a ceramic sunscreen curtain wall. Architects: Renzo Piano Building Workshop and FXFOWLE Architects.

As we can see, New York city is a city of highs! When we work in such environment, it is a very astonishing feeling like literally your feet do not touch ground.

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