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According to, there are 26% of the Swiss population that never do any sport. While the sports activities are booming in the country with more than 40% of the country population who do several times a week a sportive activity, there are still 1/4th of the population who would need a  kick in the back of the pants and be more active. Vittel, the mineral water brand, decided to act in a more outstanding and friendly way.

Vittel, active water since 1854

Vittel is a French water brand founded by Louis Bouloumié. In 1854, Mr. Bouloumier buys the Géremoy source and a 80 acres meadow in Vittel in the Vosges – France. Nothing would let you imagine how big this family business would be in the future. After 4 generations of Bouloumier, Nestlé buys Vittel in 1992 and spread its wings to the world.

Today, Vittel is present in more than 100 countries. In some key figures:

  • 1’800 bottles of Vittel water are sold every minute in the world
  • 15 production lines manufacture 35’000 bottles every hour
  • 900 million bottles of Vittel water are sold every year (all formats)
  • 90% of these bottles are sold in Europe, mainly in France, Germany, Belgium, UK and Switzerland
  • Vittel is official sponsor of cycling Tour de France since 2008


Through an underground course of several years, Vittel water is charged with essential minerals, key to the body. To maintain the original purity of its source, VITTEL created the program AGRIVAIR® more than 20 years ago, an alternative and sustainable agricultural model, lying on an area of over 10,000 hectares around its source.

For several years, Vittel became a natural reference for sports, active life and dynamic people. The story of the brand and the key values reflect this active attitude. So it is normal that today Vittel supports an improvement of your active live by presenting this new campaign called couch converter.


Vittel Couch Converter, get your old couch a new active life (yours actually).

How long the Swiss spend on their couch? Certainly too much time. Fortunately for their health, Vittel tackles the problem by launching in Switzerland the exclusive Couch Converter service: an exclusive service that transforms your old couch in a single pair of sneakers signed by Bagua. Basically Vittel supports the fight against everyday laziness.



In a  very talented and original way, Vittel encourages you to get rid of your old sofa and to regain control of you life. The website was launched  on March 30th on It is a customized service that will be limited to the first 2o registered people . These happy few will be offered with an exclusive pair of sneakers produced by Bagua with a piece of their old sofa fabric. So you better be fast. There will be another chance from May 4th in Switzerland with 300 extra pairs produced. They can be chosen from 5 exclusive Bagua models inspired by old sofas. After creating their account on the site, participants will know immediately if they have won or not their sneakers. It is possible for them to retry their luck every day.


This operation is only possible thanks to an amazing partnership with a very interesting shoe brand called Bagua. Created by three friends in 2009, Bagua is a young French brand of urban and lifestyle shoes. In partnership with Vittel on the project “Vittel Couch Converter” they design using the designer Erik Arlen (former designer at Nike in Portland) and produce custom sneaker pairs and promotional models for the operation.

Bagua-shoes Bagua-shoes-styles

With the nice weather being back for good and Spring generating a new energy, you need to stop sitting on your couch and get a more active life. So thanks to Vittel, you can start moving your body with style. No excuses to lay-back on your sofa. Get a (active) life !



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