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It was in Geneva, that we discovered the new tour of French singer Patricia Kaas. It was the first date in Switzerland. She will cross Germany, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and of course France. We saw a charismatic, inspired and enchantress Patricia Kaas. After singing other artist’s songs like Edith Piaf, it was time for Patricia Kaas to come back with her own songs. The tour gathers a collection of her greatest hits as well as songs from the new album.


It has been several years that we did not see Patricia Kaas in concert. Patricia Kaas sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. All fans waited for more than 13 years to see a new original album. We have the very best Patricia Kaas possible. Her live voice is perfect, like in the CDs. The mise en scene is minimalistic, elegant and essential. This album would reflect the woman she is today. Patricia Kaas has evolved, she evokes painful themes such as the Paris attacks, disappearances, battered women or even incest.

These songs are gifts from the authors who proposed to me deep and heavy texts. But when I listen to a song like these, I do not say to myself that it is brave to sing them. I want to sing them because they move me.” – Patricia Kaas

The new album is called Patricia Kaas. Simple as that. 13 songs that translates the woman she became. She is 50 years old and life taught her great things, hard things, basically she lives the experience of a woman. Here is the list of songs:

  1. Adèle
  2. Cogne
  3. Madame Tout Le Monde
  4. Sans Tes Mains
  5. La Maison En Bords De Mer
  6. Embrasse
  7. Marre De Mon Amant
  8. Sans Nous
  9. Ne L’Oublie Jamais
  10. Le Jour Et L’Heure
  11. La Langue Que Je Parle
  12. Ma Météo Personnelle
  13. Ma Tristesse Est N’Importe Où

Patricia Kaas on stage is a magician sourcing the energy in the 5 elements. From land forces to the air energy, Patricia Kaas will evoke a strong energy flow. Her voice did not change in all these years and all the fans will find her beautiful voice and strong powerful energy. When she sings there is a powerful emotion emanating from her. She takes her inspiration very deep and generously shares it with the audience. Her voice goes low and at certzin times she opens up and let the full power of her voice to shine. Patricia Kaas musicality has deep roots in blues but actually she is definitely rock! The concert was captivating. She will jump, dance, sit in the ground and will smile as she is happy to find back her public. The show started with everybody sitting and it ends up with everybody standing up and singing with her.



When you try to understand each new song we can see that each song has a strong signification. Adèle speaks about somebody loading to be comforted by somebody else. “Le Jour et l’Heure” refers to the recent Paris attacks and the idea of “loss” in general. “Cogne is clearly talking about domestic violence. “Embrasse” describes how to embrace life. One of the songs are super hard, La Maison en Bord de Mer. It talks about incest. “Ma Tristesse” translates into music Patrica Kaas own melancholy. Or for example, “Sans Nous” talks about the eternal theme of “love break up”.

Patricia-Kaas-black-and-white Patricia-Kaas-new Patricia-Kaas-portrait Patricia-Kaas2016-new-songs

You can visit the artist official office here to get more information: 

The enchantress is back and we are happy for her (for our pleasure!).

José Amorim

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