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Are you a fashionista at heart and want to keep up with the latest fashion industry trends? The clothing industry is continually changing, and you’ll see hints of trends as you scroll through your Instagram or Facebook feed.  Social media platforms like Facebook broadcast to a billion users with brands finding ways to get your attention, but there is often more to the story. 

You might need more information to take the best approach to adopt the hottest fashion trends and make them your own. Here are four top trends in fashion to keep your eye on right now. 

1. Cardigan Sweaters Are Making a Comeback 

Cardigans are perennial classics and often make comebacks every so often with a slight twist. Right now, the trend focuses on cropped cardigans. In November 2020, Glamour reported that high-end brands like LoveShackFancy and Alessandra Rich kicked off this vintage-inspired trend. Fortunately, this adorable and truly timeless trend trickles down to the masses with brands like Forever 21. When you adopt this trend for yourself, you can make it your own, wearing it with your favorite skirt, jeans, dress, or casual-but-stylish sweatpants. Wear a camisole or light blouse underneath to complete this wholesome look. 

2. Bold Color Patterns That Mimic the Digital World 

Some refer to this emerging trend as Gamescape fashion, inspired by a combination of real and virtual fashion. Forward-fashion often takes inspiration from trends in other industries, and this is a perfect example of that phenomenon. This new fashion trend takes fashion lovers to new and exciting spaces, using bold and metallic colors and sleek lines to pay tribute to the virtual world. 

3. Delicate Floral Prints

Delicate floral prints, like cardigans, never go out of style. They might go into a dormant period, but they make their way back around because sometimes you want to wear something light and dainty, whether in spring or autumn. One of the primary reasons these designs are so beloved is that the patterns and colors usually reflect the respective season. Keep in mind that not all floral prints are dainty and delicate with tiny flowers. Some are daring with large, bold floral designs. The material is light as a feather and moves gently with the breeze. What’s not to love about florals? 

4. Sexy Lingerie 

These days, with ongoing lockdowns and remote work orders, couples have a unique opportunity to spend more time together than ever in decades. Even if people have gone back to work, restaurants remain closed or have limited seating capacity, movie theaters largely remain closed, and there isn’t much to do outside of the home. Couples are rekindling special feelings, and women are exploring sexy lingerie from shops such as 3Wishes to fuel their romance and this ongoing fashion trend. 

During 2020, lingerie became a hot trend on Instagram, with influencers wearing lacy bras as tops under blazers, casual-but-sexy rompers, short-and-top pajama sets, and delicate chemise in everyday scenarios. If you think about it, wearing these items casually around the house while you submit your spreadsheet to your employer might raise a pair of familiar eyebrows. 

Explore These Trends to See What Works for You

Now that you have an idea of some of the latest fashion trends, you might see that it’s not too difficult to add a piece here and there that brings you up to speed. You can even combine your favourite elements of each trend, wearing a cardigan with a floral print or a metallic babydoll teddy nightgown. The beauty of these trends is that they offer a lot of freedom to show off your smart, sweet, and sexy side—sometimes all at once. 

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