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6 Legging Styles to Try at Least Once

Gone are the days when leggings were only worn with sports or workout outfits. Thanks to their versatility, flexibility, and comfort, these stretchy pants are now a must-have fashion item in any...

When MUGLER Sexiness Goes Viral

See here how MUGLER went viral in the past week thanks to the dazzling Megan Fox and the outstanding collaboration with Luxury house WOLFORD.

What to Know When Shopping for Men’s Perfume

Research shows us that 39% of men in the United States wear perfume on a daily basis. Just 15% of men say that they never wear perfume while 21% of men say that...

Do Sleep Masks Actually Work?

Though there is little research to back the claim, sleep masks seem to help some people who find it difficult to doze off and find that precious sleep. They block out artificial...

Glasses vs Contacts: Are There Differences and Which Is Better

If you have poor eyesight, the chances are that you need a pair of glasses or contact lenses to help you see better. Before you get any, you need to decide on...

A Car Accessory for Traveling In Style

Traveling and luxury don’t always mix. On the one hand, sometimes you want to hit the road instead of taking another first-class flight on a plane. On the other hand, traveling long...

Style Guide For Wearing A Brown Leather Jacket

Fashion trends have been overgrowing at faster rates in recent decades. However, choosing the right trends looks hard for men and women. A leather jacket has been a style staple for all...

Rivea, Eco-Responsible Swimsuits Inspired by the Riviera – Must-Have!

Discover RIVEA, a new Swiss brand that will bring glamour back to the swimwear industry. The riviera style is here to stay and RIVEA is its symbol.

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