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Fashion Accessories for Supercar Driving

Hire a luxury supercar to best experience the thrill of driving. Discover the latest fashion accessories to complete the stylish look.

Friday Chronicle #20 – Why the fashion industry is killing fashion? A heritage and creativity debate. 

When a very well known trends agency in Paris said back in 2012 that fashion needed to get its freedom from the heritage and history or die, it was probably the most stupid thing to say. Nevertheless it was the state of mind of many people at that time. Since then several iconic Fashion houses decided to embrace this over-modernity philosophy and now, 4 years later, they are dying .

The Sapeurs, elegant dandies from Africa. Color is life.

The Sapeurs stands for Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes (the Society of Tastemakers and Elegant People), are a band of men who turn the art of dressing into a cultural statement, and abide by a code befitting of the gentlemanly clothes they don so resplendently each morning. Check the full review here.

Purchase Wholesale Women’s Clothing Online at Ease

Everyone nowadays love shopping and saving. Obviously there’s nothing more priceless than getting your clothes at your dream price. Moreover, shopping wholesale women’s clothes has plausible benefits like it saves lot of money and even saves buyers effort.

The new Drugstore band is back. Le MOC, a new story by JM Weston. 

With the launch of a new Mocassin called Le Moc, JM Weston revive an exciting period of the Parisian history: the 60's and the band of the Drugstore. They were young French...

Balmain Paris completely lost it with the Army of Lovers campaign. Super disappointed!

From all amazing French Fashion houses, Balmain is one of the most beautiful jewels. Well, up to now. They revealed a new campaign called Army of Lovers. It features Kim Kardashian and...

Country Gents by J.M. Weston – the art of living

When Michel Perry, Artistic Director of J.M. Weston, creates a new collection, he will always find a way to surprise us. Like a painter or sculptor, he will model, sharpen, curve, concentrate,...

Jelmoli Zürich welcomes Karl Lagerfeld

The Luxury Department store Jelmoli welcomes Karl Lagerfeld in a edgy 20m2 store in store. From March 20th, you will be able to dive into the amazing world of one of the...

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