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anne valerie hash

Sometimes fashion design touches poetry and according to me that is what makes Anne Valérie Hash a creative talent. Her art is often a pure well cut “sensitiveness”. She is our Fashion creator of the month.

Anne Valérie Hash bares in her hands the beautiful career experiences she got after gratuating from the prestigious Chambre Syndicale de la Couture parisienne in 1995. Before she began her artistic education at Duperré Art School. During the beginning of her professional career, she worked for Nina Ricci, Chloé and Chanel. She also began a small activity in Bride dresses but quickly she met Phillippe Elkoubi, now her businesspartner, and launched a signature collection of handmade and ready-to-wear pieces, inspired by her whimsical muse: 14-year-old Parisian, Lou Liza Lesage.

10 years ago, she launched her first Ready -to-wear collection in Paris. By blending masculine clothes to her feminine collection, a buzz started around this creative work. in the years she developed a beautiful, elegant, chic style for active women. She develops true creation universes and in order to illustrate the fruit of her imagination, she usually works with talented photographers and plasticiens. Names like Bettina Rheims or Michelangelo di Battista joined their “eye” to the beautiful creations.

anne valerie hash mademoiselle

In 2008, she received the label for Haute-couture from La Chambre Syndicale and a couple of month after she launches Anne Valérie Hash Mademoiselle, a fashion line for young girls from 4 to 14 years old.

anne valerie hash mademoiselleanne valerie hash mademoiselle



anne valerie hash mademoiselle

Last year, she developed a new concept for the Fashion house: AVHASHBY Anne Valérie Hash. For the launch of this new line, the creator has designed a flexible and dynamic silhouette. A destructured cut mixing elegance, casualness and nonchalence. Subjects play the purity of cotton, viscose, jerseymilk fiber satin and tulle. This line, cheerful and warm, appeals in its simplicity and sophisticated energy. Graceful, elegant yet modern and dynamic, Anne Valérie Hash proposes a warm hearted universe where women are put on stage as iconic symbols of femininity. Here some of my preferred pictures from her latest collection Avhashby.



Women feel comfortable and highlight their femininity in a natural way.  That is the Prêt-à-Porter. I also wanted to show you some of her work on Couture as you can see a higher degree of sophistication. Noble materials and always a precise cut bring a beautiful natural femininity .

Some brands makes Haute Couture to hide the woman wearing the outfit. Here, Anne Valérie Hash reveals the woman. Her clothes are just there to underline a silhouette, a personality or simply the curve of a hip… Less is more and details count.

All images are copyrighted – Anne Valerie Hash and collaborators