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Fashion turns around world capitals like Paris, New York, London or Milan. But more and more creativity  rises elsewhere. Discover Bianca Warren, South African designer who proves fashion is where creativity, hard working and style sit. Durban in South Africa is definitely the place. Bianca Warren is our fashion designer of the month.



Bianca Warren was born in Johannesbourg and made all her education in Durban where she established her fashion house since 2010. The label is called Bianca Warren Design. She is definitely one of South Africa’s rising stars in the fashion industry. Her style is precise, it shapes women allure by giving a natural movement to the fabrics. Her fashion is sexy yet naturally fitting, and she gets her main inspiration from her travels.


And when you ask her what is the ideal “Bianca Warren Woman”, she declares that she is a “fun, vibrant proudly South African on trend”. A person who enjoys timeless elegance and a certain degree of exclusiveness. In deed all Bianca Warren designs are limited produced so not mass produced.

Check here an interview from Bianca Warren for TheSaltWaterGirl

Here are the 2 last collections presented during South Africa Fashion Week (SAFW)



We can see that being in South Africa, Bianca Warren is at the crossroad of cultures. By saying this, we can feel that she incorporates several cultures into her work, so that you see looks that hardly would be seen elsewhere. In the images above we can see influences from Africa, India and even far-Asia with some kimono’s printing. Amazing job.

2 stores in Durban to discover her amazing collections: White Summer, Lady and the Punk.

Being a new generation of fashion designers, Bianca Warren is a big fan of Social Media, so you can find her on Facebook and Twitter: 

You can also find her on the official website:

So now you know that fashion has moved to world culture.


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