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If there is one thing exciting about fashion, it is the fact that every year you can discover someone or something new. This month at Luxuryactivist, we welcome Damir Doma. He is our fashion designer of the month.

Damir Doma by sibylle-walter
photo: Sibylle Walter

Damir Doma is a fashion designer established in Paris. He was born in Croatia and grew up in Bavaria, Germany. Her mother used to have a clothing atelier, which brought a great influence to his own development.

He studied fashion in Munich and in Berlin. After his studies, he moved to Antwerp in Belgium and started working within Raf Simons. He started his own label in 2006 and today, he is considered as the most important German fashion designer after Karl Lagerfeld and Jil Sander (source: BILD). His style could be described as a personal search of balance between style, cut and texture. The designer himself cites Issey Miyake as one of his influences and we can easily understand why.


Photo source: Madame Figaro

In 2009, the first Damir Doma store opened in Paris and in 2012 they moved the store to a 3-level floor in Faubourg Saint Honoré.

Damir Doma flagship store 4

Damir Doma flagship store 5

Damir Doma flagship store 3

Damir Doma flagship store

The store was designed by renowned Australia architect Rodney Eggleston of March Studios. If you pass by the french capital, here is the address:

54, Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris
T. +33 1 452 709 30




Here are the Spring-Summer 2013 shows for women and men.

2 lines exists, one called DAMIR DOMA and a recent one called SILENT with a bigger diffusion.

Damir Doma Silent

Damir Doma Silent 4

Damir Doma Silent 3

Damir Doma Silent 2

Do not hesitate to connect to the designer’s official website to discover his amazing universe.



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