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Paris Fashion week is always an exciting moment to be in the French capital. And when David Koma presents its new collection for Thierry Mugler, then it is a great event.

David Koma is a great fan of the work of Thierry Mugler since he is a child. By accepting the artistic lead of the French fashion brand, he lives a dream that came true. With this new collection for Spring Summer 2015, David Koma wanted to present an active and fierceness femininity. The brand DNA was respected with the anatomic designs, choice of innovative materials and the presence of metal.

The 2015 Mugler Woman wins it all

The 2015 Mugler woman is truthful to her Muglerian heritage. She is a conquerer, she lives actively her life and never stop seducing . She is a modern amazon with style, grace and power.



David Koma is the new Mugler

What can we say about David Koma signature? He is very respectful of Thierry Mugler DNA. He understood shapes, colors, materials and structure. What he brings to the French brand is an essential style in which there is no excess. Every single Mugler code is used on the correct usage. Every dress and every look will represent the essentiality. This gives a very modern look, very fresh. We do not have anymore the ghosts of the Past that spooks the catwalk. It is more a window into the future of the Brand. Thierry Mugler empowers women with their femininity without breaking the trust our modern amazons have in the brand.
Here is an interview from David Koma after the show:

Interview post-show printemps-été 2015 avec… par VOGUEPARIS

It was almost one year ago that David Koma became the Artistic Director of the brand. Now he has confidence on his choices and has the trust of General management. With the arrival of Virginie Courtin-Clarins in charge of Marketing and Communication for the fashion brand, it is a new wind of change that hit Thierry Mugler.

David Koma, gifted

David Koma was born in Georgia. After studying Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, he presented his first fashion collection at the age of 15. In 2003 he moved to London and joined the prestigious St. Martin School. His signature as a fashion designer is the ultra body contouring silhouette. He creates sculptural statement dresses which highlights women and reveal a contemporary vision of femininity. That is why David Koma is the perfect match with Thierry Mugler legacy.

Cannot wait for the next collection!



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