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The hardest you try to keep your fashion edgy, there is always a feeling of letting it to slip between your fingers. In London everybody is a hipster. Hipster cool, hipster geek, hipster latino. By the way you dress, by the restaurants you go or by the books you read, we will tell you what kind of hipster you are. Even entire areas of the city became hipsteric! What is the answer from New York? Normcore.
The idea is to forget about fashion trends, color codes and other cool eddy styles and it is all about back to normal.

Who invented Normcore?

Sometimes the invention of such words come from marketers, journalists and even politicians. This time the concept of normcore was for the first time used by Fiona Duncan in the New York mag. In her article, she was explaining how hard was for her to make the difference between trendy people and tourists from American middle-class. Actually they were wearing the same outfit. Stone-washed jeans, pullover and tennis shoes. And for the record, not the fashion Marc Jacobs sneakers or the signature collection by Nike. Even StanSmith by Adidas was too much. The idea was to wear unknown brands very low-profile.
normcore fashion style

The world is Normcore

Now that the concept was released to the world, all brands try to become the ambassador of it. ZARA introduced in all stores sandals type Birkenstock and more daring, GAP explains via twitter that they are official suppliers of Normcore since 1969. How strong is it!
When you take a closer look on this story, Normcore is not new. Here are some past examples that were actually icons of this trend

Steve Jobs – Normcore mogul?
If there is one personality who was for years the shining ambassador of Normcore, that is Steve Jobs. The no-logo look and the normality of his style brought him almost to the rank of a luminous messiah. He is the perfect anti-trend guy. Probably the counter-culture philosophy that ruled everything he used to do, reflected this.

Friends TV series: normcore is the rule
The iconic tv series from the 90’s was Friends. Every single thing in this series looked normal. From the shoes, the trousers or skirts and even the hairstyles. It was completely aligned with the idea of the “girl or guy of next door”.
Friends Tv series

Nirvana, king of grunge
When the scratched voice of Kurt Cobain was heard for the first time, grunge was born. And despite the fact the skater trend got along with it, Cobain’s style was finally pretty Normcore.
kurt cobain

So when something new comes up in the fashion landscape, you try to find your way to surf the wave. At least, with #Normcore you basically just need to do the opposite probably. Wishing you a great normal day.

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