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In general when you are a sportsmen, you do not have much choice in terms of outfit. Either you want to be classy and comfortable and buy Lacoste, or you wish to be very technical and you might be tempted to buy Nike, Sorel, Moncler or even Napapijiri. Obviously an accomplished sportive gentleman should be able to find other qualitative choices. Here is when EMYUN plays an interesting role. Designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, EMYUN is the first technical sportswear line inspired by the fashion world. Having teamed up with active wear studios, designers and Italy’s finest textile manufacturers, EMYUN is ready to go wherever you do. All with style and comfort.



The aim for EMYUN is to remain classy and stylish while being comfortable and performing the best possible during a running or a workout session. With a very specific fabric, no more smells that permeate the fabric, no more seams scratching or puddles of moisture flowing. With this new “dress code” for the sport, everyone will find the ideal technical qualities and comfort and will be distinguished by its remarkable chic.



All the keystone of this amazing fabric is the Superfine Merino wool with CompACT3 technology. Provided by REDA, one of the most advanced wool factory in the world,  that is the true strength of every garment EMYUN use and which results in a product better than a traditional merino wool with 15% more resistance, 30% more elasticity and 20% more softness than traditional merino wool. The Reda fabric comes from a combination of the Biella textile making tradition and the technological breakthrough known as Compact³, an innovative spinning system that is the true strength of the fabric.


Produced in Italy by wool specialists who weave it into extremely fine and tight threads, this wool offers the qualities of a soft, highly breathable, absorbent, supple and thermo regulating fabric. It is a 100% natural product in which the manufacturer REDA masters the entire manufacturing process. From its sheep farm to his workshop of weaving. EMYUN is thus assured of the traceability of the product from the sheep to the roll of cloth used for its clothes.

The special feature of this extremely compact Merino is a high tech rotation system that makes the wool 15% more resistant, 30% more elastic and 20% softer than Merino wool. REDA highlights the properties of wool using advanced technological processes to create the best performance for technical garments. If this Merino does not scratch the skin, it is thanks to its more linear fiber on the one hand, and especially the CompAct3 spinning system which makes it smoother, soft and compact.


The EMYUN collection includes leggings, jogging pants, shorts, a short-sleeved t-shirt and polo shirt, a jogging jacket and a waterproof jacket (the only model that contains an extra membrane to protect against rain ). In sober colors, these pieces blend with each other by subtle reminders of hues. They are intended for men who choose to dress elegantly and want to practice a sport, and those who are above all sports but want to stay always chic. Beyond “running”, this collection aims at well-being in all situations, and therefore can travel or stay at home.




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From Fashion, they wanted to take up and apply the sharp codes such as the square of the shirt (part on the shoulders where the fabric is lined for better holding) and the diamond under the armpit which offers a greater freedom of movement. A very interesting collection with high quality levels of execution. It deserves its success.

José Amorim

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