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Whether you want to make the best impression in a business meeting or whether you want to stand out from the crowd, luxury accessories can help complete your look. They demonstrate a commitment to high standards, precision and attention to detail. But what can you do to complement your current look? Below, we explore five luxury accessories that every man needs. 

Luxury watches

A luxury watch is a timeless representation of style and achievement. You’ll need to look after a fine watch to keep it looking spotless and sleek, but if maintained well, this accessory can enhance your style for years to come. There is plenty of different luxury watches out there for you to choose from, but Omega watches are amongst the most stylish and classy. 


If you’re often wearing neat and trim suits, you can elevate your look with cufflinks. A sparkling pair of cufflinks are a must at black-tie events and meetings alike. They’re a simple but effective way of adding some shine to your suit and they’re certain to catch the eye during every handshake. 

A designer wallet

Your wallet says a lot about you. If it’s messy, disorganised and generally falling apart, it hints at someone lacking discipline and order. By purchasing a designer wallet, you can organise all your essentials neatly, while showcasing a sense of calm. You might be put off by old memories of bulky wallets, but today’s offerings are slimmer than ever before. By upgrading to a sleek new wallet, you’ll have another quality accessory at your disposal. 

A luxury pen

A pen might not seem important on the surface but using a luxury pen will go a lot further than you think. Imagine signing a key document with a scruffy pen you carry around. This can ruin a neat, assured image. However, an elegant pen can elevate your look in these situations, providing you with a sophisticated aura as you close out a deal. 

Fashionable ties

You don’t want to be arriving at work every day with the same old worn-out tie. Instead, you should have a collection of fashionable ties. Ideally, you’ll be able to cycle through a different one each day of the week, showcasing different styles and patterns. From a thin, neutral tie, to a more vibrant option on a Friday, there are plenty of different ideas to work with as you update your collection.

If you have your suit and smart, polished shoes, you might not think you need any accessories. But by exploring the guide above and picking one of the options, you could take your style to the next level. 

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