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Are you happy? Is fashion making you happy?

The answer to these questions will vary from a person to a person, raise plenty of other questions and call for heavy debates touching upon true values of life, our behavior, spending habits and ultimately conclude on the current state of things in fashion industry and the world. Decades of consumerism have taught us we need 50 pairs of jeans and as many shoes in order to be satisfied with our wardrobe and ourselves, that is – with the image we are exercising in public. The rapidly changing trends, current cuts and colors dictating the expansion of fast fashion are subliminally suggesting that, in order for us to be valued, we need to have clothes, plenty of pieces of clothes that will not only bring us personal comfort and happiness but also recognition in the society.

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Hand in hand with this “mantra”, there is a core belief in consumers that every month calls for a “serious” shopping spree, leaving the fashion industry well fattened with the cash inflow we are leaving them and us – never satisfied with the amount of wardrobe we have. Ah, the well known “full closet, nothing to wear” syndrome.  This accumulating of unnecessary things and a constant craving for new and different pieces is turning us into consumers rather than fashion lovers, at least when we are buying just because we are told to and not because we need it.
Fashion should be fun and uplifting, and not an appetite that is impossible to indulge; this is why it is necessary to mentally go just a little back in time and remember that the style should be based on fundamentals, quality pieces that we can wear for years and still look flawless.
An important aspect of feeling good in the outfit we wear is the quality of materials and their origin. Therefore, it is necessary for every woman to have her wardrobe contain quality leather stiletto shoes and a bag of a timeless cut, while men must-haves are definitely custom made suits, tailored for them. These will not only correct their posture but will also accentuate their physique and contribute to the overall look exuding confidence and handsomeness.

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Relying on timeless, classic pieces for style doesn’t mean you aren’t fashion-forward. If anything, you are allowed and encouraged to upgrade these pieces with current accessorize, experiment with styles and trends – but, what sets you apart from the fast fashion and consumerist approach to fashion is that your piece of clothing won’t fall apart after you’ve washed it twice, the color will stay the same and the cut will flatter your body just the same as the day it was first tailored. This rule of fashion is equally important for both men and women – with the right fashion choice, your whole attitude changes. Think about it – there is a reason why Coco’s little black dress is never out of style or why Dior’s shoes are still bases for many a trend today.

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Are you a slave to current must-haves? Don’t be. Make quality your only must-have, and you’ll be dressed better and feel better than anyone who’s picked up their fashion sense at some of the fashion chains along the way. Every fashion-aware person is aware that the true style builds on classic timeless pieces that are sewn by our measures from the finest materials and the colors we wear, or which combine well with other pieces of our clothing. Sure, trends are fine but trends are also there to indulge a fast fashion consumer who isn’t that involved in the true value of style but is rather a follower of what’s been presented as style.

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