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Boots have been around for a very long time, and they have stayed popular for many centuries. They are useful and fashionable, and they are made of many different types of materials. Some are made of leather and others are made of suede. Some are waterproof such as rain boots, and others have been designed strictly for style. They were created to offer protection for the legs and feet and have been made of wool, cotton, silk, furs, and felt.

For women, boots are a sexy way to accentuate the legs while still providing a practical shoe. They are easy to dress up or worn with and look great with a skirt or over a pair of jeans or leggings. There are many different ways to wear a stylish pair of boots, and they go with pretty much any outfit that you can create from the clothes in your closet. Bots are very practical.

Boots are a fall favorite, and there are so many variations of this type of footwear. There are flat, pointed toe, ankle, wedge, over-the-knee, and even cowboy boots. You should have at least one out of every “category” so that out will be prepared for every occasion.

A cape pairs well with a pair of brown Two24 handmade leather boots. They also go well with a pair of skinny jeans. A dress also looks good with a pair of boots. A pair of black ankle boots go well with a form-fitting dress, and you could also throw in a leather jacket to tie it all in.


Leggings and a furry pair of boots go well together, and you could combine a pair of black skinny jeans with a pair of black boots for a sleek and elongated look. A long coat over a mini skirt with long boots is a cute look, as well. The trick to pulling off your look is to pick a few key pieces. You want to think about what you want the focal point to be and build your outfit around that.

Boots are not just for the ladies either. There are many different styles and variations for men as well. Men need to follow a few rules as well to look good and to pull the look off just right. There are many very stylish ankle boots that come in a variety of colors and textures, as well as materials such as leather and suede. It is best to pair a nice pair of ankle boots with a rolled up cuff or skinny jeans.

The desert boot is a comfortable and lightweight boot that’s perfect for fall days and they pair well with a blazer or suit. It’s ideal to try and match the color of the boot to the blazer or suit to really make the look work. The work boot pair well with skinny jeans since the bulky shape of the boot goes well with a slimmer pant style.

When shopping for boots it is always best to go shoe shopping in the afternoon when feet aren’t as swollen. You should also wear the socks that you would most likely be wearing with your new shoes, and be sure to try on both shoes since both feet are not exactly alike.

Another factor to think about is the heel size of the boot. A good rule of thumb to go by when considering heel size is to stick with lower heels if you are considerably tall and to go for the slightly taller heel size if you are vertically challenged. That way you are not looming over everyone else, and you will level your height to get the right effect.

If you get leather boots, you will need to keep them looking good with some maintenance. Leather will soften up with use and can be susceptible to damage from water and dirt. You will need a small leather care kit that you can make yourself, or you can just buy a premade one. It should include a stiff brush to scrub dirt off, a soft cloth, detergent, leather polish, and a shoe protection spray. Aim to treat your shoes every couple of months. If you have suede shoes, you will want to spray them with a protectant spray as well.

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