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Jil Sander and the President of UniqloSince Fashion designer Jil Sander left her company owned by Prada Group since 1999, she invested herself into the young japanese brand called Uniqlo. The queen of minimalism design is back with great success.
Jil Sander, has confirmed that she LOVES working for Uniqlo – and is in no hurry to go anywhere else soon.  So committed are the brand and designer to each other that plans are afoot shift her design studio from Tokyo to Hamburg in Germany to avoid the taxing intercontinental commute. “I still have a big studio there,” she added.
The Japanese brand is going from strength to strength financially at the moment and +J its collaboration with Ms Sander is always quoted as one of the jewels in its high street box.

Ms Sander had another reason to smile this week when she picked up the Designer of the Year award from theFashion Editors Club of Japan at a gala dinner on Tuesday. This is the first time the club has awarded the prize to a non-Japanese designer, but Sander qualifies since Uniqlo is a Japanese company.

After the fashion cult for Jil Sander fashion brand, are we now generate a new cult to Uniqlo ? for sure….