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JM Weston invented in 1946 one of the most iconic men’s shoes of all: the Mocassin or Penny Loafer. The famous model n.180 became an icon of masculine elegance throughout the years. Now JM Weston dares to reinvent the Mocassin by launching the MOC, a flexible, essential version of the 180. The interior buttresses disappeared, the leather skins are carefully chosen for their flexibility and their maintenance, assembly is carefully achieved through expertise always perfected. It is a story about comfort and absolute lightness, an inimitable look in keeping clean the lines of moccasin 180. Welcome to the mocassin 2.0, the new elegant icon for generation Y. Check here the video for the campaign launch.

JM Weston, a new story about passion and style.

How come JM Weston changed the rules and created such shoe as the Moc?  JM Weston and its artistic director, Michel Perry, have a common approach of French elegance. There is a state of mind that relies on freedom, elegance and attitude. These are what describes the best the foundation of the Moc. Of course there is a completely omnipotence in a summer style. Colors and a more casual shoe can easily help celebrating the arrival of sunny days. No matter if you are in a city center, by the sea line or on a luxury yacht, your style will always be maintained by the elegance and sportiveness of your shoes. And that is the Moc. It is a new vision for JM Weston but style remains. The talent of JM Weston teams was to draw a new show and still keep the DNA of the mocassin.



JM Weston creates amazing shoes collections from several generations now. Their aim is always to bring the best know-how possible at the service of quality, excellence at work and comfort. All wrapped in style. From one generation to another, a trasmission of masculine elegance is made possible thanks to the timeless design and look that JM Weston brings to its collections. The emblematic Mocassin 180 is the perfect example. From the Drugstore band to Presidents, businessmen or artists, this specific model became an icon of tradition and elegance. Michel Perry, the artistic director of JM Weston wished to celebrate this amazing shoe by offering a companion: Le Moc Weston.

JM-Weston-le-moc-collection JM-Weston-Le-Moc-loafer JM-Weston-Le-Moc-new-shoes Le-Moc-JM-Weston

With Le Moc Weston, the French luxury house highlights one of the key elements of its know-how: the leather! By destructuring the mocassin, JM Weston needs to pay a huge attention to the quality and the choice of the leathers in order to keep comfort and shape. With the amazing colors, it is a hint of summer that Weston reveals. The Moc escapes the urban formal ambiences to get more summertime spirit. You can associate the Moc with a rolled up pants, a linen shirt slipped casually: that’s when the Moc makes sense in an eternal quest for freedom.

JM-Weston-Le-Moc-le-film JM-Weston-Le-Moc-mocassin

This new collection will reveal the aesthetics personality of men. The colors and the casualness of this shoe allow a certain masculine freedom. We can easily image a group of men, hanging out together, like the Drugstore band in other times, for the spirit of elegance, complicity and good mood.

JM-Weston-Le-Moc-la-bande-2 JM-Weston-Le-Moc-la-bande

You can check the brand official website for more information here:

JM Weston has been French avant-garde since 1891. The iconic style of the luxury house has shaped masculine elegance throughout several generations of men. The Mocassin 180 became an icon of elegance in every men’s wardrobe. Michel Perry dares to reinvent the iconic shoe with the launch of Le Moc Weston. It is history repeating for the good and the best.



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